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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

Sep 27, 2021
and to be clear, there's a difference between "being wrong about a towny" and "burying a villager"

it's a line you crossed

Morbid Minish

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Have you? I'm not really finding anything until pretty recently in the day suggesting you think Fext might be scum. You did disagree with the doubling up hider targets plan but you didn't seem to push the idea that he was scummy based on this disagreement.

I disagreed with that, thought it was odd that he said Kreaal was the obvious hider when no one else thought so and Kreaal was killed, and also looked back at his post about keeping town reads on your hider claims and saw more scum motivation behind it. Also the fact that the sheeped KoD at Eod yesterday and then was voting for him today. Almost like he was trying to just shift blame of Killjoy's lynch on KoD and wipe his hands of it even though he voted him while also town reading him.
Dec 13, 2019
I'd love to town read you, but you're shown you are willing to pursue me for illogical reasons. Even though you've said you can see some townieness to me (or KillJoy yet still sleeping my cfd of him then blaming me for it even though you felt be eqs townie, like own up to your issue).

Mikey the Moblin

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Aug 31, 2014
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4 Fext - (15377, Morbid Minish, ragnarokio, KingOfDominaria)

2 EliThePsycho - (exlight, DawningWinds, fext)
2 KingOfDominaria - (funnygurl555, EliThePsycho)
1 Exlight - (EliThePsycho)

Fext has been lynched.

You've almost forgotten. It's peaceful, really. You're ready to forget. What's the use? But then, you see a light, a tiny flame, flickering, in your mind's eye. It's getting brighter. Soon it hurts to look at, hurts to remember. You can't bear it any longer. You open your eyes and find yourself... somewhere? In front of you stands a woman in charred red robes holding a long, gnarled wooden staff. Her face is covered by a hood.

"It worked... Tell me, do you remember who you are?"

You are Fext, of Thorolund.
Thorolund is the home of the religious order known as the Way of White. Many of this order were sent to find the Rite of Kindling; it was found, but not by one such as you.

You are Hallowed; Vanilla Town.

You win when all threats to the town, Darkwraiths, are eliminated.

They were Vanilla Town.

IIt is now Night 2. Night 2 ends in 24 hours at 9:00 PM Central Time on Tuesday, March 22.

jjoin the discord for updates on phase changes
Dec 13, 2019
I want to take a moment to say "mess around and find out" characterized yesterday's lynch.

And I having trouble relating the people on this lynch vs D1's lynch.

For instance, Cin Min followed me for D1 and for D2 preferred Fext yet was willing to prevent me going over if needed. I don't have any issue with that at all. Throw Numbers into the mix, and relating the two odd-ish since Fext seemed to be a common point for them (with their views of me only being slightly less aligned given they both town read me though Numbers less so compared to Cin Min).

With Fext's lynch, we know that D1's lynch had 3 town on it leaving only myself and Cin Min. That, to me at least, indicates that Cin Min is more likely town than not.

Let's see:

KillJoy was taken out, and Seanzie was killed which netted Kreaal. Seanzie had a lot of interaction with Cin Min D1. Much like Fext and Cin Min with the only difference being Seanzie being more - stable? - consistent in his actions when compared to Fext and his devil may care attitude. Yeah, I don't rightly see Cin Min being mafia. If she is, she's not calling the shots.

Back to CSquid -- much like with Rag, I imagine Cin Min, too, would maximize killing thread activity by targeting those contributing that are town. I mean why not since a lurker could draw fire. Honestly, I could see Numbers doing this.

Who all is left right now?

Cin Min, Ex, Numbers, Rag, DW, Eli, Funnygurl -- myself for 8. Yeah, CSquid kill makes no sense.

5 Killjoy - (Morbid Minish, KingOfDominaria, Fext(T), Kreaal(T), Seanzie(T))
4 ExLight - (Ragnarokio, DawningWinds, ExLight, EliThePsycho)
1 Kreaal - (15377)
unvote - (Killjoy)

4 Fext - (15377, Morbid Minish, ragnarokio, KingOfDominaria)
2 EliThePsycho - (exlight, DawningWinds, fext(T))
2 KingOfDominaria - (funnygurl555, EliThePsycho)
1 Exlight - (EliThePsycho)

Ex tried to lynch himself D1. Everyone on his wagon is still around. Ex is town here. There's no way to safely guarantee that the CFD to KillJoy would have succeeded especially since, in hindsight, three known town are on it (of which Fext and Kreaal were definitely bouncy).

From here on out, I am treating Ex as confirmed town. I don't care how others (Numbers) treats it. It's too risky/unnecessary to risk a maf teammate for what? Ex made himself look bad in every way by blowing up, self voting, and not preserving himself. He's town.

6 left to go.

Rag, DW, and Eli are still up. Prior thought processes put Rag as town for me. I ***heavily*** rely on meta when trying to resolve Rag for myself because of the consistency that Rag has shown herself to be based on activity alone. It is far and few between that Rag, as scum, stays active for prolonged amounts of time (save those times when, as scum, there is still something left to solve -- like SMM3 when Rag was separate from the mafia team and still had to figure some things out on her own). This setup had an aspect worth solving which was figuring out who the PR was, and that was resolved unceremoniously fast; however, Rag persists with activity in trying to figure people's alignments out in what I perceive to be a genuine way. So I can err safely in labeling Rag as town here.

Rag had tried to go for Ex D1, sure, but at least Rag was open about why Ex (differing perspective of Ex that Rag had vs how Ex thought he should be perceived which is, at least, fair for explaining Rag's vote). This contrasts heavily with Eli and DW I would imagine -- Eli strictly because his thread presence and lack of participation is still a thing (or, if Numbers would prefer given his earlier defense of Eli from my post, Eli simply hasn't generated as much content to read into as most others in terms of evaluating).

5 left to go.

I may be extremely biased with Cin Min, but I'm ok with that for now. Even if I'm wrong, there are still two other scum to get. Plus, hell isn't so bad this time around.

4 left to go.

The remaining four: Numbers, Eli, Funnygurl, and DW. Even if I assume only two scum are present in this list, that's not terrible odds for me. A mere coin flip.

D1 saw no participation from CSquid and TL (now Funnygurl). D2 saw Funnygurl enter the fray. I characterized Funnygurl as scummy for replacing in and immediately forgetting about the game (I stand by that still). Funnygurl's various, short posts were an -- attempt -- at contributing which, ultimately, led to a vote on me. I could, maybe, be tunneling a slight bit on Funnygurl, but there's something to be said about a three way tie happening, if for a short time, during D2. Funnygurl's vote allowed for it to happen for a moment when both Eli and Fext, I think it was Fext, were voting me. Fext was a wild card (which prompted my vote on him since nailing down an exact perspective that was consistent with him was rough).

Anyway, as I stare at the VC it occurs to me that there really wasn't much of a choice for Funnygurl to pursue there. It was either the person I was pursuing (Eli), Fext, or the person commenting actively that Funnygurl was scum (me). That actually makes the vote on me less insidious as it were.

Resolving Funnygurl is a work in progress, but that leads me to Eli.

Eli is a key thread here as Eli has actively pursued Ex D2 before pursuing me. I am confident in a scum team that contains Eli which would then cascade into Numbers given his "defensive" post bringing up Eli for the first time in the game (prior to that any such content was nonexistent). That would, for me, leave the last team member then as being DW or Funnygurl which would require some more iteration there from me.

However -

For paranoia's sake, let's say I am completely wrong about Eli as Numbers has iterated. Ok, Eli flips town and completely tears my scum team assumption apart. Cin Min then? It would explain the constant backing I've received. I still don't think Ex due to the D1 shenanigans. I would also think Numbers looks better if Eli isn't scum. That doesn't leave me much in the way of others though -- DW and Funnygurl being choices still. So Cin Min/DW-Funnygurl/??? uhhhhhhhhh I still don't think Rag either, but that locks me into DW and Funnygurl, unless I look back at Ex and Numbers which I don't think so.

Well in any event, Eli is the path forward for me. I truly can't see Eli being town here -- Yeah.
Dec 13, 2019
Hell, if Eli is scum, then DW won't be scum with Eli given yesterday's wagons.

DW would have been contributing to a teammate's demise there.

At the very least DW isn't scum with Eli. Course that walks me right into Funnygurl being scum which I'm not disappointed with.

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