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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

this doesn't have to be the poe. what if it weren't the poe?
Fairly sure it is the PoE at the moment, but if we pretend for it isn't... I might still vote for Eli? I don't have an strong scumreads at the moment so (which I suppose is an issue in itself) I guess a person I'm not feeling remotely strongly town on? I guess this category could also include you or Rag but I think if I wanted to even consider going after Rag I'd want to go back over her posts for sure which is not something I probably have time for before phase end and I wouldn't want to go after you I don't think because you just subbed in. So yeah probably still Eli I suppose...

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states

3 EliThePsycho - (KingOfDominaria, exlight, DawningWinds)
2 Fext - (15377, Morbid Minish)
2 KingOfDominaria - (Fext, funnygurl555)
1 ExLight - (ragnarokio)

One hour remains.


Jan 19, 2018
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i also thought we had 24 hours left

i'm busy atm so i probably can't reasonably read into the three top wagons

fext is probably who i think has the highest chance of flipping wolf out of these three although i enjoy playing with fext a lot so i'd rather not see them die. I'll put my vote there for now.

Vote: Fext

in practice this currently just results in eli being lynched but there could be more developments in the next 30 minutes

I didn't read anything KoD posted today which makes me both unfamiliar with the eli case and unable to properly read KoD, not that I'd expect to be able to read him at all to begin with.

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