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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia


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Did you ever do this? If so, thoughts?
I don't know, I still don't fully grasp what you mean even after you tried explaining it
at this point feels like it might be more productive to not stay stuck in this

For my closing post for today,

I shall be hiding behind ExLight.

if this is a throwback to the winthreat game I'll cry
Can you please provide a link to a game where this happened, and then also one to the specific game where the person was town?
Post in thread 'Fall 2020 Mafia - Game Thread' https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?threads/fall-2020-mafia-game-thread.468/post-11493
I might've been misremembering the details on this because it was like two years ago but Tanuki (scum) tried to sell that I'm super skilled and experienced and everything I was doing was some galaxy-brain play to screw them over (he did have that I'd played more total games than other players and no links to most of them, but he'd played with me only a few games ago for me and seen me playing at probably my absolute worst so) and Equitial (town; was also in aforementioned previous game) if I recall correctly pushed something similar but not really as hard till I started being actively scummy anyway.

I don't feel like digging out a second game where I was voted based specifically on "skilled player" meta that does not exist because the last one was a while ago but here's another game where I was voted on the initially basis of meta in general that doesn't exist (DW is always calm under pressure, TheCapsFan, scum):
Post in thread 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mafia - Endgame (Looking Stupid Joker!)' https://forums.bulbagarden.net/inde...game-looking-stupid-joker.289908/post-7366426

The only thing I somewhat remember was you agreeing with bits of the meta on you I provided

and I always praised you back in bulba and it has never been a reason for you scumreading me
That was probably because on Bulba it never came after my last game having been dealing with a scum person scumreading me on the basis of false meta? I guess I don't want to deal with that right away during my first Mafia game in several months.
The only thing I somewhat remember was you agreeing with bits of the meta on you I
This feels like an unrealistically high praise of my play so 1. be warned if you actually believe this is what my play looks like you might be setting yourself up for disappointment and 2. my instinctive reaction is to expect this kinda overselling my meta from scum so it can be used against me for a mislynch, so I am kinda scumleaning you based on that now. (Yes I know I was voting you already but that was just to see if I could get reads outta you and now it's also because I'm scumleaning you.)
Sep 27, 2021
Rag really do be out here playing like the most convincing game as mafia I've ever seen and then spending the next two games not posting at all

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
2 Seanzie - (KingOfDominaria, Kreaal)
2 ExLight - (Fext, DawningWinds)

1 KingOfDominaria - (ElithePsycho)
1 DawningWinds - (Killjoy)
1 15377 - (Seanzie)

15 hours remain.
Dec 28, 2020
Keep in mind guys Sean and Ex can still definitely be a team I just think Sean and Numbers are more likely.
Dec 13, 2019
hypoclaim guarantees a wolf death,

You keep saying things like this but I don't find them to be true. The hider has three ways to die each night, only one of which outs a wolf and only if the hider truthfully hypoclaims before targeting them. The other two methods lead to a dead hider and no out wolves. Given that added to the role cop, lynches, and wills unwittingly clearing people it becomes unlikely the hider will live to out wolves via clearing the rest of the board. It is the best utilization of towns only power role but guarantees us nothing.

And now for something completely different.

Vote: Kreaal

As I alluded to before, wills provide an extra measure of Mafia clearing hiders. Unlike pre targets which can be lied about and then spoken to after the fact, the will is intended to be a living testament after your death. This means it has more solidity for Mafia than pre targets and allows them to eliminate anybody who claims a Mafia target as not the hider, since the hider won't be lying about their will. Since Kreaal's legacy today is basically pushing the **** out of wills and "being wild", that's a good place to start from my perspective.

IMO, our best tactic moving forward is to skip wills. The hider should truthfully pre hypoclaim. The rest of town should mix up "truthful" pre claims with "lies", admitting as such only. The point of hypo claiming is providing cover for the hider to do their thing as long as possible. Any action that runs counter to that shouldn't be involved in said cover.

Finally, if I'm the hider behind seanzie tonight.

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