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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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My ExLight vote met this requirement and still wasn't counted?

For me, probably my main reason is 90% of the time when someone decides to push me as scum based on nonexistent meta that says I'm good at this game because I'm not playing like the person in this meta that doesn't exist, the person pushing me has been scum. Out of all the times its happened, the person pushing has been town exactly once, and in the same game there was a scum person pushing the same exact thing. And it makes sense; scum benefit a lot more from skewing descriptions of meta to look like a person's better than they are, because its gonna mess with people's ability to read the person who's meta gets skewed like that, especially if other people don't know the person in question well.
Maybe reading him based on past experiences with other people is unfair, but also. I'm getting pretty sick of people trying to meta scumread me with fake meta. And nothing from him has hugely felt town to me so I'm gonna stick with my guns on it.

This post feels okay to me. Still nothing about Minish particularly pings me; she's not a strong townread but its an okay catchup post, covers her thoughts on people well enough I feel like.

Okay I can kinda understand your vote. Though that doesn't apply to anyone else. I also don't think I see Ex lying about meta in games usually however. It may be that that's genuinely how he perceives you as a player. But I can see your logic there, and get where you're coming from.
maybe it required spacing between it and the other chunks of text

have you caught up already why is that vote still sitting on me if you have an updated reason
...I feel like I mentioned before that I was scumleaning you a bit when you first exaggerated my skill level in your description of my meta, and while I didn't outright mention that I found it scummy when you used meta to call me scum. I feel like it was implied? So its sitting on you because absolutely nothing you've done has stuck with me in a towny way (setup strategizing in and of itself, while somewhat helpful, is NAI) and I literally just explained what was scummy.
Mar 6, 2022
for a minute i was about to go "isn't the day supposed to be over"
then i realized day 1 was 72 hours
anyways i've got some quotes
haven't read past page 15 tho, so
Mar 6, 2022
...nevermind it deleted them all
i still have this one tho
btw do you have any meta on eli you can share with us since you're how they found this place (iirc?)
i can link some of my past games, if that's helpful
(i can explain how to ISO if need be)
Dec 13, 2019
Ex is not scum this game. I specifically waited to see how he'd post compared to a previous time from a different game. It's not a hill I'll die on though.

That hill is over here.


Vote: Seanzie

We'll see how the mod's VCs turn out in the end. Should be interesting. In any event, I will see you go over first, Seanzie, before I ever see Numbers go to that noose. Numbers' approach to discussion today has been entirely thought through whereas you've been reaching into his reasoning rather poorly (and misreping him as far as I am concerned). The entire post that Numbers made helped spawn all of these interactions we're seeing -- the initial catalyst. Yet you're fine to sit there and use NAI behavior as a reason to scum read him which is ??? in all sense.

No amount of you telling me to reread stuff is going to change that perspective. You did a fine enough job of portraying yourself rather poorly enough to spawn the perspective I have of you. I know I've already talked about both you and DW not being scum/scum with one another, but you're clearly not putting forth enough logical, critical thought into the posts you're analyzing. Whether that is intentional or not is the question I'm unable to answer given your adamant resistance to cease and desist.

As for DW, maybe he's sheeping you intentionally because he truly agrees with your perspective. I mean, at the bare minimum, he's definitely reaching for anything and running with it no matter how small (based on his initial conversation with me about doing anything). Personally I think it reflects negatively on him (because of the flip on Numbers). Either way, it's not overriding the attack on Numbers.

@ Fext


I disagree. You *were* busy. Then you had a string of posts where you've actively engaged, asked your questions, and did your thing. That's inline with what I saw previously from you. The only difference is that I'm judging you on just your content, alone, on D1 in contrast to what I recall from the entirety of the previous game.

So there.

I've got more to say towards you, but I need to go back to your posts to dredge up those thoughts.

In case it was missed, I am in agreement with Cin Min about Ex. Welcome to hell.
Dec 13, 2019
@ Fext again

Ok, Numbers already addressed it, but I'll beat the horse again because why not?

It's D1. Anything goes. Picking a topic to base all of your reads off of D1 is not uncommon. Maybe for you and others, but that doesn't speak to the greater majority of people where styles differ. That said, there's more than just the surface. That is, you don't strictly have to read off of people's answers to the hider topic proposed by Numbers. You're certainly allowed, and capable, of reading off the interactions that are generated off of it.

And, in practice, there is a *lot* of interactions that were spawned. So I fail to see how that was missed, let alone why you'd agree with obv wrong Seanzie.

KoD 100% feels angrier than last game and I'm not sure whether or not that raises his odds of being scum but my gut says yes?

I once shot Amber after many many games of saying I would.

Then I lied about it; however, despite the major pressure I got, I was happy I did it. I fulfilled my desire.
Dec 13, 2019
@ Fext again again

As for expecting consistency:

You ask me why. I ask why not?

Townie thoughts should be rooted in some kind of logical even if you disagree with it. Being consistent should always be key least you find someone doing something that causes a disconnect.

Take DW and I as prime examples of this.

DW, for his part, maybe showed consistency by citing Seanzie's post when considering Numbers. He proceeded to flip from viewing Numbers as town to viewing Numbers as potentially scummy over what Seanzie had to say. The consistency comes from citing the post and moving in a direction that speaks logically with it. In absence of that, and honestly in spite of it, DW had a town view of Numbers (that was admittedly maybe not that strong to begin with). So when an explanation (that already looked horrible to begin with on Seanzie's part) came along, DW jumped on it which was eyebrow raising (to me). Just depends how you want to look at it when you consider DW's perspective/motivation/intent for doing so.

As for me, you've got me maintaining a ~scum/scum outlook on DW/Seanzie in that they both can't be scum which I based off of said interaction from DW and Seanzie. I maintain that while attacking them (leaving the other as the ~scum). I've gone from initially focusing on DW to switching to Seanzie, to flipping back to DW, and now, most recently, flipping back to Seanzie. While consistent in maintaining what I said, there may be inconsistency in how I'm applying it (or maybe I'm just wrong in the assumption to begin with). But that's certainly something to consider when I speak about consistency.

In a nutshell, when evaluating people, consistency is key least you find something that makes you raise an eyebrow.
Dec 13, 2019
Also also

I've been ignoring Eli.

Like, I'm aware she mentioned me. I didn't look at it though aside from knowing I was mentioned. That and that Eli voted me which gave me the impression that she had beef with me.

What I've been waiting on is to see if there is more force behind it or if it's just a place to lay a vote and call it good for the day. A potential Nader vote in the making if you will.

But you brought Eli up so I figured I might as well mention that I am aware of Eli even if I'm placing her at the back of the room for now.
Jul 7, 2021
For me, probably my main reason is 90% of the time when someone decides to push me as scum based on nonexistent meta that says I'm good at this game because I'm not playing like the person in this meta that doesn't exist, the person pushing me has been scum. Out of all the times its happened, the person pushing has been town exactly once, and in the same game there was a scum person pushing the same exact thing.

Can you please provide a link to a game where this happened, and then also one to the specific game where the person was town?

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