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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

Mikey the Moblin

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Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states

1 DawningWinds - (Killjoy262)
2 Seanzie - (KingOfDominaria, kreaal)
1 Exlight - (fext)
1 Fext - (Seanzie)

25 Hours remain.
Mod Post

If you don't see your vote in the vote history, it wasn't counted. Please make sure all votes are bold and on separate lines. These are the only requirements for successful votes.
My ExLight vote met this requirement and still wasn't counted?

Yeah tbh, I'm not seeing scum Ex here and I'm not quite sure where that progress came from?
For me, probably my main reason is 90% of the time when someone decides to push me as scum based on nonexistent meta that says I'm good at this game because I'm not playing like the person in this meta that doesn't exist, the person pushing me has been scum. Out of all the times its happened, the person pushing has been town exactly once, and in the same game there was a scum person pushing the same exact thing. And it makes sense; scum benefit a lot more from skewing descriptions of meta to look like a person's better than they are, because its gonna mess with people's ability to read the person who's meta gets skewed like that, especially if other people don't know the person in question well.
Maybe reading him based on past experiences with other people is unfair, but also. I'm getting pretty sick of people trying to meta scumread me with fake meta. And nothing from him has hugely felt town to me so I'm gonna stick with my guns on it.

Oh yeah, I meant what name Mikey gave you. People were using that for your name and it feels weird. Lol.

I do remember. Sorry for bussing you so hard! Hate bussing people that are new here but it worked out in the end for us.

I give excuses all the time in mafia games because I'm just the type of person to feel bad about not contributing more. And it's kinda annoying that people read excuses as scummy. Tried to stop saying them for a while since people would read into it, but I don't care anymore. Like the excuse that I'm finding it hard to focus on this game. Maybe from the lack of having played in a while, maybe because I can't focus on **** anymore. Who knows.

Probably didn't include any conclusions about alignments in that post because I was trying to remember my thoughts and was having troubles so the whole post just petered out.

I don't think the thought about trying to make my post denser makes much sense. I'm always wordy, but I would not feel bad about just dropping a couple of lines as my first post.

Anyways, I think KoD is likely town here. Lots of arguing over semantics, but surprisingly I agree with KoD on that matter. Numbers posited a plan and asked others for their ideas. I think Seanzie is reaching a bit by saying that Numbers reasoning of generating discussion was bad, rather than whatever else it was that Seanzie said he should've been doing. Numbers was obviously trying to generate discussion around what the play for the hider should be. And by other players giving possible plans, you can possibly deduce if they come from a scum or town mindset, depending on how helpful to each alignment they are.

On that note I also think Numbers is town. He's been pretty level headed despite the discussion around him. And I actually like his first post. Don't recall if I've ever seen him as mafia, so he may just always be level headed in games. But this jives with what I've seen of him before.

I know that I have played with DW before, but I can't for the life of me recall any of the actual games. Kinda willing to trust Ex here on his meta reads, but also it's Ex so I don't know if I should. Lol. I like that DW has been generating a lot of discussion. It looks more town than scum. But the flip flop on Numbers is still kinda meh to me. I'll have to ISO them to get a better read.

Fext seems like he's playing like usual. Nothing stands out that he's said besides the recent post about townreading your hider claims which is actually a very good point. So I'm fine giving him town cred today for that alone since I see that coming from a town mindset and not a scum one.

Seanzie I don't have a good read on yet. Maybe partially because I keep confusing his pfp for Ex. Lol. I know he's said a lot but like, not much of it has stuck with me. His read on me was kinda meh. I did re-read my post and it was less conclusions than I thought I had, but also I did give some thoughts up until that point. The excuses and the making the post denser thing are reachy for me. I also think his issues with Numbers post is reaching. So might be leaning more scum there but will have to read all of his posts in isolation to see if anything stands out as more townie.
This post feels okay to me. Still nothing about Minish particularly pings me; she's not a strong townread but its an okay catchup post, covers her thoughts on people well enough I feel like.

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