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Zelda Art Game Maker - Timeshift Orb Example


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Feb 22, 2011
So, there was this thread over in the Skyward Sword section called "Timeshift Stones," and in said thread, user Golden.Poe was asking users if a whole game based around the Timeshift Orbs/Stones would be a good idea. Most people said it would, and that inspired me to test out some things in GameMaker Pro 8.1. After about an hour or so, I have a pretty good example and I want you guys to check it out. I compressed two files - the .exe file and the .gmk file - so you can play the example AND also see how i created the game.

I made the "Timeshift area" a square, considering it's easier to work with. Once i become a little better with the scripting for GameMaker, I'll make it so it's a circle. Also, I made it so you can move the mouse around to move the "Timeshift Area." Again, that'll be different when I make the final game.


See ya guys later!


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Jun 14, 2011
This is actually quite good. I could proberly expand on this ( I doubt I will though, lol) but hey, this is just a stepping stone to something better. ;)

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