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Skyward Sword FYI a Game Breaking Glitch Has Been Discovered



i had no problems doing the thunder bit first i just wanted to get my last heart piece and the hylian shield before i fought the stupid imprisoned for the last time.
Dec 30, 2011
ok i know people always complane about glitches but i have yet to ever get a sever glich in skyward sword i am going to try to purposfully try it when i get the chance next time i play (with a duplicated file instead of a my hero mode original) because i would like to see this game killing glitch for myself and i don't really see why so many people complain it is easy to avoid and i believe Nintendo has made a patch you can download from the wii shop to counter this glitch


Whew! I'm so glad I didn't find out about this glitch the hard way...
Jan 7, 2012
Castle town
Yea I did the lanaru first but didnt talk to him and was just fine I heard about the glitch after I did it and thought maybe it happened but didnt

Oh I almost forgot I think I heard somewhere you can send your game in to nintendo and they will fix it
It is possible to get the Hylian shield before completing all 3 of the songs, although i went to eldin volcanoes first, then lanayru desert, obtained the shield, and went to the forest. After you beat the desert and save the thunder dragon, go back up to the sky, then drop back down, the dragon should let you run through boss battle mode..

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