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Future Zelda Titles

Oct 21, 2010
Well, its pretty simple, what would you like have in future Zelda titles?

Not really specifically the next game, but pretty much any game in the future. For instance, I'm not asking you where you want the game to be in the timeline, and not a graphical style or what characters you want to return in the series, since these are things that are more specific. Because what graphical style or character you want for the next game isn't really something you might want for the rest of the series(unless, of course, you do want these things to return forever). More like if you want the magic bar to return, or you don't want to have to sleep in a bed for it to change into day or night.

I want more things to find. Skyward sword took a step in the right direction with those items that could upgrade your weapons, but I always felt disappointed when I found a gold skull inside a treasure chest instead of a heart piece or a bunch of rupees(or is it ruby?). But that's mostly because I felt like I didn't need it, and I want to want something I find in a treasure chest, that's why I think they could have items like this in other Zelda games, but have a more variety and have different items do special things to your weapons. Or maybe one item could make your shield be more resistant against fire, while another item could make your shield work as a parachute, but your shield could only do one or another.

more caves to discover I feel like we're starting to lose these types of things. I don't need them to be hard to find, I just want to be rewarded for blowing up that rock, or looking behind that building with an item that would allow me to upgrade my sword so it can shoot ice beams!(I don't really care if my sword could shoot ice-beams, just an example). Or maybe just have little shortcuts like in TP, or maybe just finding a heart piece or something. I just want more caves to discover!

mini dungeonsI would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to find hidden mini dungeons with extra fun stuff inside! Like rare items and treasures, or weapons you don't really need to beat the game, but they can get you to places(maybe even entire areas) you wouldn't have been able to before. Maybe that would just be cool in itself, being able to find entire areas without ever really needing to... Just would be fun :p

I'm not asking you to agree with my ideas for future Zelda games, but I am wondering what you guys want for future Zelda games and your ideas for what you want the series to have or not have!


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Sep 30, 2011
I want to return to Termina and maybe have a story about the masks.
I want something like the goddess cubes again just without dowsing.
Oct 21, 2010
I want to return to Termina and maybe have a story about the masks.
I want something like the goddess cubes again just without dowsing.
Although I wouldn't mind having Termina return, I don't think I would want every game in the future to have Termina. But yeah, I like the ideas of the goddess cubes :)

More freedom to choose which dungeons to tackle in whatever order you want.
I like that, just like the good'ol days ha ha

2.increased dungeon anmout
3.a variety of races
4.rich, versatile, large overworld
5.new overwolrd biomes
mini-dungeons yes, but a large dungeon amount I don't think we would need. I feel like a shorter(but intence) story line would be good, but with a large amount of side-quests, sorta like in MM with only four dungeons, though I would want more then that.


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Interesting collectibles would be pretty nice. Not necessarily similar to Ocarina of Time's Gold Skulltulas, but a fun sidequest you can always look after when you get bored by the main quest.

I'd also like Nintendo to add a few old things into new Zelda games, such as: optional items and dungeons, hidden caves, lots of heart pieces, which may or not be hard to find... and, of course, useful but entirely optional songs! The Sun song was a good one at that.

Oh, and a soundtrack that will replace Majora Mask's soundtrack as my favorite Zelda soundtrack =)
May 27, 2012
A balanced game with not too many dungeons and too little side quests (ocarina of time). I want a balance that I'm seeing so far in skyward sword. Also I would love to have more than one mode of transportation using an animal like in the oracle of seasons but you can use all of them anytime you want. I would love the masks to return but maybe in a different way. Maybe link could get rings or even suits to wear. I hope the game takes a darker and cinimatic path (as I see is present in majora's mask and twilight princess). This is too balance out the cell shading ligher hearted story and gameplay of skyward sword. Most of all it better be just plain epic (of course it will be).
I would like to see more items, larger and more rewarding sidequests as well as a deeper story than ever before.

One of Skyward Sword's greatest strengths is that there were numerous and creative uses for nearly all of the items throughout the entire game. I would love to see this approach in future ittles but with more items to boot. That is the definition of creative perfection and an achievement that will be hailed throughout the ages. The other two improvements I would like to see go hand in hand. More rewarding sidequests often complement a richer and more engrossing story. Skyward Sword was a game that like Twilight Princess had a beefy main story7 and plenty of sidequests but few were substantial or worth completing for the reward at the end. Nintendo should look back to Majora's Mask for how to handle things in that department and craft a truly compelling title. The player should feel a connection with all the characters however minor and truly pledge deep within his or her heart to save them from evil.


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May 26, 2010
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What ALIT said, no need to quote.

I also desire post game content, the return of the magic meter, difficulty choices, nonlinearity, and many optional -DUNGEONS- (not little coves or those groves) that are available to be completed for all future Zelda games. I'm tired of being confined to the easiest of the easy and like 5 or 6 dungeons that are tied down by the story. I'm not asking for a sandbox game, just asking for an expanded gameplay experience.

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