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Zelda Art Fur, Fangs and Fear


Sage of Tales
Link's beastly incarnations in the Darkness: The Dark World and the Twilight.


I wanted to do a "dark" themed picture without involving any blood or death (as is typical for "dark" works). This one only involves the shadows, the ferocity of a predator and the fear of a prey animal. Wolf Link is supposed to be a backdrop... he's not actually chasing Rabbit Link - it's just the two incarnations in the shadows of a Dark World forest. If you want to think the two Links have actually met up and are engaged in a deadly game, however, go ahead.

Pencils on paper.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Got to go with dragoncat on this, Love the detail of the bunny form, I'd even go as far to say I'd trade my bunny hood for bunny form any day.


Sage of Tales
There have been rabbits in our yard / area around the apartment lately. If I'm quiet, I can get pretty close to them.

I like drawing and painting lean and scary/scared rabbits. I think it started with me really liking how a gray jackrabbit I painted on the side of a cow pelvic bone turned out and just kept patterning my rabbits/hares afer that. There are a few other pieces of Bunny Link that have him semi-realistic like that.

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