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Twilight Princess Funny Things That Have Happened To You In TP


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
A Bokolblin was charging at me in Hyrule Caslte (outside, left side), and all of a sudden he just fell through the ground to where only his head was above the ground, and he was wailing as if he was falling, yet he was still barely moving forward. Once I hit him, he came back up, though. It was weird... I was, like, "GLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
Oh! I also killed the postman by edging along a cliff. Then he followed me and fell into the hole I was on the other side of. I left my game on for about 4 hours, came back, and he had gotten to me SOMEHOW!!!


Sacred Beast
Jun 10, 2011
Am I here? Or here? Or here?
Oh! I also killed the postman by edging along a cliff. Then he followed me and fell into the hole I was on the other side of. I left my game on for about 4 hours, came back, and he had gotten to me SOMEHOW!!!

Haha! There's no escaping the Postman! The Postman has amazing survival skills, I tell ya, because when you're flying up the Zora's River, you can see him sitting on one of those wooden structures on the walls if you look carefully.

The funniest thing in TP for me... was my first death. It is also the saddest. When chasing down the kiddies and the monkey in Faron Woods, I, like many many others, met Trill and didn't exactly know how to pay. I left the shop, and the bird yelled at me. I felt guilty so I went back to figure out how to make the payments. Trill flew off his perch, glitched me into a corner, and pecked my 3 hearts away from my defenseless form.


Apr 29, 2011
I don't
My entire save of my 100% TP is color glitched. My first ever go through on TP, I fell through the overworld and found some glitched enemies. It was awesome. Wish I could've recorded it, but my computer is down.


This has happened twice to me, but on the final battle when you collide swords, you can glitch the music if you win fast enough

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Just warning everyone now: SLINGSHOT

I went back in to Hyrule Castle when I had finished TP because I had never figured out the puzzle to get the Dungeon Map. (It might've been the compass. Either way, I still didn't get it with a walkthrough. :() In any case, I decided that I was going to ninja some bulblin by getting them to fall off of their perches and finish striking them. So of course I whipped out the weapon that I thought would only make them fall off of their perch thing: the slingshot.

Anyway, I whipped it out and took aim. I let the ammo go and watched it hit the bulblin. It fell off of the platform. I then approached the area to make the kill, but there was nothing to kill. That's right. The slingshot killed the bulblin. So I then of course went around killing tons of bulblins with my slingshot like a trigger-happy maniac. (A.k.a: Me)

I just stood there for a while, trying to comprehend why the slingshot killed them. In any case, SLINGSHOT KILLS BULBLINS!!!!


Ok when i was in Ordon Village i Had my bottle set on B i had a pumpkin in my hands when i was running to throw the pumpkin i accidently pushed B and i scooped on accident and the pumpkin fell behind me. xD
Jun 25, 2011
While I was beating the crap out of Ganondorf, I wanted more power, so I used my great fairy's tears. But it turns out it was purple chu jelly and it drained my life down to a quarter of a heart. I didn't have anything else to repair my health, either. I beat him anyway, though.


Lokomo Ninja
Feb 1, 2011
Outset Island
When I was in the City in the Sky, I accidentaly bumped into a pole while doing the roll attack, and I fell off the city. So I was falling out of the sky with my head up my a$$. It was funny :P.

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