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Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

Jul 15, 2011
Zant cause it really felt like he was last boss because of the multiple forms and differint backrounds. I also loved Stallord and Argorock but not as much.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Ganondorf, yeah yeah i know, too easy. But the setting of the fight, the thunder, dark skies, well it made the fight EPIC! I know it was just an exchange of blades, but to me there was more than that.


The Spy-Sniper Combo
Dec 20, 2010
"Right behind you."
I would have to go with Zant. That was one of the most interesting boss battles that I have ever attempted. Whenever he took me to a new location, I always thought, "Okay, what did I do here again?!"


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
I believe that Zant was the funnest boss. Getting to test your true skill of you're most important weapons, and seeing how strong you've become along you're journey. He was very easy for me, but I loved getting to use my skill again, after leaving the dungeon. I loved his design as well, so it was fun to watch him closely during the entire the fight. The last segment of the battle was wonderful, and it helped me learn to use my sheild better as well. That battle not only tested your skill, it perfected it.


Zant is a good one. He is tough but the stuff he does
makes me laugh everytime and its hilarious.


I think it was Armogohma (the giant spider). I loved how at the end, when you thought you had beaten it, the music suddenly stops and Links face is surprised... the boss comes back as a wimpy eyeball that can't do anything!


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
I enjoyed fighting pretty much all the bosses in TP, however my favorite boss to fight is definitely Blizzeta.

The Blizzeta boss fight gets bonus points in my book for an interesting setup story-wise, it vaguely reminds me of how, in ALttP, in the Gargoyle's Domain, the boss is actually disguised as a girl locked inside the dungeon, and you have to solve a puzzle to start the fight since the boss won’t drop his disguise willingly. (Fond, fond memories of solving that.)

Anyway, that aside, Blizzeta also has my absolute favorite boss music in TP. Ice is also a theme I really love, the slipperiness of the battlefield, and the sudden mega freeze over of the room before the battle starts, was awesome. The ball & chain was always a fun weapon to use too, this battle was no exception. I think the battle could have been improved though, I was mostly disappointed by the lack of difficulty, and even more so by how short the battle was. That’s pretty much a gripe I have with most boss fights in TP though, and it didn't prevent me from enjoying the fight a bunch anyway. :P

My runner up would have to be Stallord. It was definitely a more memorable fight overall for me due to the spinner. Playing zombie pinball, spinning up the tower, all very fun. The biggest drawback was that I was slightly disappointed they didn’t implement even more ways to use the spinner throughout the fight, and my above complaints with Blizzeta.
Jul 8, 2011
stallord is a good boss realy loved the music and the spinner zant is a funny 1 armogohma is also good becous the eye its alive! + the music and argorok just feels epic :)


The game is on!
My favorite boss of Twilight Princess is Morpheel. However, Morpheel is not the funniest boss in my opinion. No I find Zant to be the funniest boss of Twilight Princess. I'v always thought he was pretty funny! :D

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