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Nov 3, 2020
Here, a thread where we can talk about the #FreeMelee movement without flooding the chat. You already know I support it wholeheartedly. Have your heated debates below.

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Dec 2, 2020
Actually, there’s also another.
Recently, for the NintendoVS Splatoon tournament, teams used #FreeMelee as part of their names to show support for the Smash community. Nintendo, in a hateful response, cancelled the live stream because they didn’t want to show the hashtag. Now, they have #FreeMelee and #FreeSplatoon. In response, fans organized their own tournament which raised more than $28000 in a single day, $25k for the price pool (which NintendoVS didn’t have), and the rest for charity.


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Sep 29, 2020
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Technically, it was illegal. Nintendo is doing the right thing to protect their IP in this case, as well as the GilivaSunner videos being taken down and the Etika JoyCons. It's not legal for people to profit off of Nintendo's IP like that. And really, they could have done more. They could have sued. So really, Nintendo is being pretty generous given the circumstances.

However, it's scummy of Nintendo to just burn it down without offering an alternative. They could have collaborated with Big House to have an online Melee tournament, they should upload the MarioKart and Ocarina of Time soundtracks officially, but they didn't. Nintendo doesn't really let people be nostalgic. They're more concerned about money than fanservice, which is a crying shame. If they worried about fanservice more, they would make more money.

But boycotting is just hurting yourself. If all the boycotters would write to Nintendo and explain what you're doing and why, it might get somewhere, but Nintendo doesn't need y'alls money. They have plenty of people who are going to buy Switches and games who don't know or care. All you're really doing is missing out on AoC and Pikmin 3, at least. If you want something to happpen, raise a stink to Ninty. The squeaky wheel gets oiled.


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Mar 18, 2019
Nintendo did nothing wrong here morally. The people running the tournament could have easily done this legally, and Nintendo wouldn’t care. The same goes for the Etika joycons. There is nothing wrong with protecting your IP, and if someone wants to do something like this, they should approach Nintendo first.

I will agree that the music is annoying, but also understandable. I think Nintendo are being jerks about this, but it’s far from enough to make me want to “boycott” them or whatever.


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Jun 16, 2020
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From a legal standpoint, Nintendo is completely within their rights to protect their IP. No question about that.

From an ethical standpoint, it's much more iffy, IMO. Nintendo has a history of being absurdly overprotective of their IPs, even throwing DMCAs at non-profit fan games just because they could. While they have a right to do what they did, it only serves to reinforce the mindset that they don't care about what their consumers want as an audience. Perception is just as important as the actions themselves in the realm of producer/consumer relations.


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Dec 26, 2017
Project Slippi was a fangame/mod, is this really surprising that DMCA happy nintendo would take it down?
Melee fans are obnoxious as hell (if anything, this whole movement proves just that) so this does nothing for me. same with those splatoon idiots. They were just asking for it.
I'm way more sad that stuff like AM2R get taken down than some competitive melee mod.

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