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Free Website Designer Up for Grabs! (Me! :D)

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Overlord of Userbars
Jun 19, 2011
Chamber of the Sages
Hello fellow Zelda comrades! :)

As a somewhat professional website designer, I've decided to do sort of a... Contest...

In my contest, everyone who wants a website to be designed and hosted for them for free can enter! :)

So here's the deal, everyone who wants to enter submits a reply to this thread that tells what kind of website they want and why they want it! And at the end of the contest (next Saturday) I will choose one of you and design the website you wanted! :clap:

If you win, I'll PM you about how long it will take to finish the website and how to maintain it and little details like that...

  • The website idea has to be Zelda related.
  • Although it is not required, you will have a better chance of winning if you express your reason for wanting a website as a full paragraph.
  • Although I'm normally a grammar nut, I won't count grammar/spelling errors against you in this contest.
  • If you post more than one submission; you will be disqualified.

P.S. I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong category on the forums...
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Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
Okay, here is my idea. Have you ever heard of a site called Mario Monsters? It's a site that covers information on tons of the enemies that appear in the Mario series. A compendium, if you will. I was thinking of maybe doing a Zelda version of that, a site specifically centered on the many enemies and bosses that appear in the series.


The Pancake Pokemon
Feb 22, 2011
Castle Town Pancakes
Okay, so here we go. Skyward Sword's coming out in just a few months and is the first, big, console Zelda game I'll be able to fully play and understand by myself. I've been hyped for the game since before E3 2010, wanting a new Zelda game. With the recent outburst of information reguarding the game, I'm excited for this game more than ever. I want a site fully dedicated to Skyward Sword, and then progress to the other games of the series perhaps.

I've attempted at many Zelda sites before, but can never get that true Zelda site spark. I really want to own a Zelda site and perhaps one day, make it big time in the Zelda community. Skyward Sword promises to be an amazing game, and by the look of it, could easily take The Wind Waker's spot as my favorite game. What better way to express this than a website dedicated to it? Eventually, we'll get a walkthrough, a 100% walkthrough, guides for everything, and it will have everything a Skyward Sword fan could want.

Thanks so much for reading. ^_^
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Dark Lord Gannondorf
Aug 4, 2011
Mind of I keep you as I contact with in zeldadungeon.net?

I'm trying to build a website and a little help and advise on how to build a website would be appreciated if your willing to. :)

Its a puppy rescue website that I have been asked to build. I hope to bring positive change with its creation to bring the most efficient rescue system I can create.
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