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Fraxinus's Graphics III

laser dragon baby boy;


also my bug boyfriend in santa hat set, art by yours truly (i may post the full art in my other thread but idk yet)


A more "serious" update since I guess I did in fact exhume this thread.

I like game remixes, and I like having game remixes actually in my library if I can. When a remixer gives a download for their stuff, that makes me happy. But when the remix has no album art to call its own, that makes me sad. So I make album art for these lonely remixes so they can fit into my library comfortably..

Most recently, these two Fire Emblem remixes from mgnk33. Wonderful channel, please check them out if you like Fire Emblem music and electronic music.


Used the Japanese song titles from his soundcloud track names. I picked the art based on the characters featured in the actual video visuals, but couldn't make the screenshots used work for what I wanted so I turned to official art and cutscene art--even the light textures are from Three Houses cutscenes. And for Chasing Daybreak, I literally replaced the entire sky in that official art with a sky from a different official art, to make it actually daybreak.
Edited colors as necessary for silhouette lighting and lens flares and such

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