Franchises where you hope the next game is decent

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spirit, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Maybe there's a franchise you like where every game has been awesome for you, so awesome that you live in fear of the next one ruining everytbing and being bad (like Skyward Sword and Other M).

    Or maybe there's a franchise you enjoy where it can be hit and miss like Tales or Final Fantasy where some games are amazing and some are crap.

    Either way youre standing by your series and hoping to hell that the next one is good.

    Which series do you feel this way about?
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  2. Scribear

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    I loved Tales of Symphonia (GC). Would be cool to see more.
    But to the OP - Super Smash Bros. Like, I just really hope that game never gets ruined.
  3. Deus

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    Zelda. There hasn't been a really good one since TP so I hope BoTW is that game.

    Final Fantasy. I really enjoyed 15 but not all FF are enjoyable to play *cough cough 13 cough*

    Smash Bros. Would like the next entry to be something I am actually prepared to buy, for instance one which isn't a total rehash of it's predecessor but with the story mode omitted.
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  4. Cartoonmaniac

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    I totally agree! Subspace Emissary is an awesome story mode, and I really wish they bring a mode like that to the next title in the series.
  5. @Spirit

    Is there any series you hope the next game is a piece of ****?
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  6. DoomDash


    Diablo 4. Though I enjoyed D3 for a very long time it over all was a huge disappointment, and it's competition (PoE) makes it look like a damn joke. I hope D4 can return Blizzard to the top fo the food chain like the good old Diablo 1/2 days.
  7. Where i hope it IS **** as opposed to not?

    None. I wouldn't like a franchise I follow to have a bad game.
    Though, unless they reboot the Metroid series, I really wouldnt care if the next one was good or bad because I dont want to follow a series where Other M is canon.

    If you meant games I dont want to be crap they'd be the next Tales of and Kirby games.

    Thanks for asking :)
  8. DoomDash


    My son LOVES the 3DS Kirby games. They aren't crap if you're young I guess. Though metaljesus (youtube personality) really loves the new games too.
  9. Kirby and Zelda are my two favourite franchises. A large part of my childhood was shared by Kirby Superstar and ALttP.

    There are only a couple of Kirby games i havent liked. Rainbow Paintbrush/Curse on WiiU because it was almost impossible to play it looking at the TV and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Though i didnt hate Epic Yarn there was just no way to die and the lack of challenge made the game feel terribly dull.

    The 3ds games are incredible value for money: a large main quest, a second quest with Dedede, kirby fighters, Drum Dash, arena, true arena and a lot of replay value in Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot followed the same trend. They were both stellar.

    I do hope we get another Kirby 3ds game and that its decent so we can have an awesome 3ds trilogy.

    I kind of do think we will considering Robobot used Deluxe's engine and Robobot sold over 1million copies. Surely there'd be another one with sales like that, especially if they just reused the engine.
  10. HauntedCastle

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    This is impossible to answer given that there isn't a series I'm a fan of that hasn't been fubar'd already... okay that's not entirely true... but the ones that have only been moderately screwed with have been discontinued.

    I mean... I guess there's Fallout? Fallout 4 isn't really exactly a Fallout game that delivers an entirely acceptable Fallout experience, but it's not complete crap. Can't say I'm baiting my breath in time for the next one... whenever that'll be, but the series is still good despite reservations that Bethesda are pretty much in the business of half assing it these days.

    The last games I was looking forward to sequels for were Arkham and Mass Effect, but the Arkham sequels after City were lackluster and the other game is Mass Effect.

    Really, show me a video game series that hasn't been porked over by its developers. Final Fantasy completely lost its way. Metroid got shafted and there's no word on whether or not Ninty hasn't already banished that franchise to the realm of IPs nintendo no longer gives a $h!t about. The Halo and Gears of War cashcows are getting nothing but cheap rehash after rehash. Thief got shafted. Hitman got bungled up. Tomb Raider is unrecognizable. Sim City and Sims... EA. Elder Scrolls is getting increasingly infantalized with every installment.... and these are the ones that even still exist. There are so, so many classic IPs that haven't been touched in decades. Most recently Metal Gear got discontinued. Deus Ex got discontinued. Witcher got discontinued which is a shame because it had just gotten good...

    And for new IPs? Well... this year we're seeing a surprising amount. So all that's left is to look forward to those, hope some of them don't suck, and maybe look forward to a couple of worthy sequels before they start getting distilled to pure essence of scat as all media inevitably must.
  11. My point of asking, was not to have a go at you. Quite the opposite. My point point was to say, we want every single IP to have great games. Sure some we don't care about, (like Metroid for you) but even for those IPs better games is always good. That's why I found your original question a little confusing. IPs in which I want the next game to be good? Well for me that's every IP in existance. I don't want any bad games made. Sure that's not going to happen but one can hope right?

    Thank you for answering :)


    For me Smash Bros 4 a total let down and really bad. I hope the remake coming to the Switch fixes most of the (mostly single player) issues. If not I might not even get it.
    I also hope Super Mario Odyssey is nothing like Super Mario Sunshine. SMS in my opinion was a terrible game. I don't want a repeat of that at all.