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Forum Software Update


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Hi All

Recently we have undergone a forum update. This has come with a few new features, these include:

- Two-Factor Authentication (highly recommended for security)
- Email notification when your password is changed
- Email notification to initial account if the email account is changed
- Thread tagging (and search by tags)
- Likes for profile post comments
- Profile post comments can now be reported (and warnings can be issued on them directly)
- New Member Welcome (a conversation is automatically created between myself and any member when they sign up)
- Various behind the scenes administration improvements


Jan 31, 2010
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Thanks for this, Jimmu. I have been a little bit concerned about passwords being unreliable. I went ahead and enabled the 2FA authentication in order to help secure my forum account. 2FA is a little inconvenient, especially if you're like me and don't keep your phone charged, but there's no better way to protect yourself right now. Passwords simply don't work well enough anymore.

One advantage of this is that the more people use it, the better our security will be. Even if it's not required, I would urge every ZD member with a smartphone capable of running an authenticator program to enable 2FA on their account as soon as possible. My Windows Phone had no problem, because Microsoft has an authenticator program for it. If my Lumia/Windows Phone can handle it, the more common Android/Apple phones should have no trouble at all.


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Jul 6, 2011
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You're gonna have a new friend every day with these bots, then.
They are the only one who will get the friend in Jimmu. But they'll be no friend to him. For ages I have been reaching out to them, greeting them warmly to our forums but never once have I been graced with a reply!

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I have been waiting for 2fa for a while now. It is so nice being able to use it knowing my account will be more secure. I also see that https was enabled as well.

- New Member Welcome (a conversation is automatically created between myself and any member when they sign up)
RIP Jimmu's conversation list.

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