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Foolish Things You Did As A Child

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This thread is just to share some of the silly, stupid, foolish, or just downright weird things you've done as a child. I'll start: When I was little, I ate almost an entire container of Tums medicine that I found in my mom's medicine cabinet. Almost 60 tablets of it. I did it because my parents had given me one tablet earlier, and since I thought it was really yummy I'd decided I should have more. I got really, really sick, but fortunately I didn't have to get my stomach pumped or anything.

What about you guys? Share some of the foolish things you've done as a child!

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Feb 18, 2012
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Hmm.. I still remember that I kinda squished my siblings' cheeks when I was little. It felt so fun, and I liked to blink my eyes with my aunt's eyes. Good times.


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May 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada.
Hmm :hmm: I'm sure there was a lot of things. But for some reason, I can't remember them right now...

Well, I know that I used to call "No frills", "Banana Market" when I was small :P

And once when I was in kindergarten, I saw that this girl had a doll in her hands, and for some strange reason, I insisted that it was my doll. It wasn't, and I don't understand why I would do such a thing. But we ended up getting into a pretty bad fight. I have no idea why I did that o_O

And when I was small, around 4, I used to have those candy sticks and act like they were cigarettes. I probably didn't even know what a cigarette was that time :P I used to lean back on the railing, and pop one in my mouth.

And my father used to have a dog when I was small. I used to take my food, and run away to a room with the dog, and share my food with it. Now that I think of it, that was very unsanitary :sweat: But hey, 3 year old logic :P


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May 26, 2010
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This thread is just to share some of the silly, stupid, foolish, or just downright weird things you've done as a child. I'll start: When I was little, I ate almost an entire container of Tums medicine that I found in my mom's medicine cabinet. Almost 60 tablets of it. I did it because my parents had given me one tablet earlier, and since I thought it was really yummy I'd decided I should have more. I got really, really sick, but fortunately I didn't have to get my stomach pumped or anything.
Tell me about it! Tums were just delectable back as a child! Myself, I popped about 15 into ye olde word hole and didn't feel a thing. BUT, I later read the label that said something about death and overdose, so I stopped and immediately started crying (I was like 6 years old).

Erm, I used to break anything pink as a child because my older sister was like super duper mean to me. If I asked to do something, she said no. If I asked for food, she'd give me some, but I always wanted more. More was always a no. I didn't NEED any of the stuff that I wanted, but I really wanted it so I broke her stuff in turn for saying no. Looking back, it was a bit harsh. :I

In 3rd grade I called this girl stupid for showing her knees, and I proclaimed to the world that girls are NOT my classmate. Yeah, I made the girl cry and I didn't feel bad for it. About sevenish years later (last year), I caught up with the girl only to learn a) that she's super fine and b) that she didn't really take offense to that. I feel incredibly bad for doing that, and wish I wasn't so anti-girls as a kid. :/

To boot, I used to blow up balloons and send them to the sky, pretending like they were on a space mission. :I


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Aug 1, 2012
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I don't know if I was really sexist as a child, or I just didn't know any better. When I was younger I thought women couldn't drive or get a job. I thought these things though because my mom didn't have a drivers licence or a job until after we moved here to Arizona. It makes sense though, because my parents got divorced around that time. I'm starting to think it was just a misunderstanding on my part now.

There is also a story my parents always tell me. I barely remember this, but when I was 3 or 4 I stuck a french fry up my nose. Apparently I lodged it so far up my nose that my parents needed to take me to the Emergency Room to get it out.

Also, this is more silly than foolish, but my sister and I used to call footprints "sweat pants". I honestly don't know why we called them that, but we were really young at the time.

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Jul 2, 2011
I was told that when I was 3 or 4, I ate an entire 18 oz paper cup in a very short amount of time.

Also, I enjoyed smshing plant pots with my friends whenever we were bored. We didn't think of it as bad, we just thought it was fun to see them break. Also, nobody ever got hurt. Go figure.

Also, there were a few words that misronounced. The most prominent one I can remember was that oatmeal was "oat milk." I also spoke the occasional gibberish.

Frequently, I'd also leave my house to go see a friend without telling my parents... young me was such a rebel. Though, eventually my parents got used to me leaving the house without warning so often.


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
- I used to find joy in breaking crayons in half.
- I punched a Dora doll in Walmart because I hated the TV show.
- I used to tip a magazine rack my family had over on myself. I wouldn't get hurt but I never had enough strength to get it off me. I was once lying there for almost half an hour before someone noticed. :P
- We had these type of door stops in my house:
If you push down on them and then suddenly let go, they make this really weird sound. I got really scared and upset upon hearing this sound, and would sometimes even cry.
- I tasted shampoo because it smelled really good.
- I used to put white glue on my hands because I enjoyed peeling it off after it dried.

There's probably more, but I think that is enough to show my awkward childhood. ;)
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Jun 18, 2011
My childhood home was on a hilltop, so me and some other kids would rollerblade down the steep hill... none of us fell or hurt ourselves, thankfully, but the minute my parents found out I was forbidden to ever do it again...

Another time when I was really annoyed with my long hair I took a pair of scissors and started cutting it, but then I went on a huge cutting spree, cutting the hair of dolls, my little ponies, barbie dolls and horses... some of them were my sister's...

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Dec 2, 2012
I'll just name a few things...
-2 years old: I tried stopping an exercise bike by sticking my right index finger into the disc brake. Need I even explain what happened next?
-4 years old: I drank an entire bottle of soy sauce
-5 years old: I punched my mother in the face. Kind of hard, too
-6 years old: I threw a chair at my older sister while she was walking up the stairs
-6 years old: I ate sand, then spat it out onto some random kid at the beach
-7 years old: I said :? you to my teacher
-7 years old: I kicked my desk over, walked stormed out of the classroom, and sat inside a random person's locker
-8 years old: My friends and I were rollerblading. I had the awesome idea to rollerblade off a high curb... It was icy
-8 years old: I dropped a really heavy box on my dad's foot while we were moving. We were therefore unable to move that day because he could not drive
-9 years old: I tried climbing a 20 foot fence. I got about 6 feet up, then fell off and landed on the principal. Didn't get in trouble though, remarkably
-10 years old: I attempted to ride our dog. Ya, didn't go so well

There's plenty more, but these are all the ones I thought about at the top of my head.
I was kind of an idiot as a kid. I did nearly everything my friends dared me to do.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Age 1: when my mum had to run to stop my sister locking my brother into the garden. In that short space of time, I climbed up onto the kitchen table and fell off, breaking my collar bone and cracking my head open.

Age 3: Not really my problem, but I didn't have much hair until I was like 4 for no reason, but anyway, apparently everyone thought I was a boy. I remember one kid asking my mum "why is he wearing a dress?"

Age 4: There were these steps in the school playground we called the sharkey steps, because we used to play basically like the floor is lava, but there were "sharks" in the "water". They really weren't that high, but I fell off and knocked myself out.

Age 6: I was skipping on the parking space outside my house, which is cobbled. I tripped, fell face first, knocked myself out (again) and broke my nose

Age 7: I was running. I was running so fast, I couldn't stop. I slammed into a tree. I knocked myself out. Again. And broke my nose. Again.

Age 10: I found out the story 'The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids' wasn't about horses. It's about goats. My childhood was destroyed.

Ages 2-5: I used to walk around on tiptoes and say that I was walking like a camel

Age 7: I found unicorns weren't extinct, they were mythical


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Aug 28, 2012
I got ahold of a giant tub of diaper cream and got it all over all of my clothes, the carpet, and myself. (Everywhere but my butt, my mom says.)
I got lipstick all over my feet and ran across the living room.
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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I used to get in fights a lot as a child. It's not because I was some kind of bratty drama queen, it was more or less due to my **** friends at the time. There's this one girl I used to hang around with all the time (I still speak with her), and her and I would fight constantly. She always lied to me, stole my stuff and was very secretive. I don't know about anyone else, but that sure as hell pissed the 8 year old me off. Anyways, I find it very foolish that I got into such childish arguments. The same girl brings up such memories all the time now, which stinks because she makes me sound like I'm the bad guy...
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
In early elementary school, all of the boys and girls played war with each other. I was one of the higher ranking people on the boy team.

The stupidness came with when we would "kidnap" girl team leaders. My friend told me that one time, I shoved a dandelion into a girl's mouth because we were interrogating her or something.

That was also the year that one of our people was kidnapped by the girls. Do you know what his torture was? They put makeup on him. The teachers didn't even do anything about this, either.

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