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First4Figures Link Statue


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I was a bit down this morning because of the recent forum events, and I was talking with some members in the Shout Box about it. I was pretty much planning on taking a day off from posting to collect my thoughts.

Feeling pretty low, I was about to sign off when my doorbell rang. It was the mailman with a large cardboard box for me with a stenciled outline of Link on it.

This might've been the shot in the arm I needed! I was so happy to recieve this statue that I thought I would share some pictures of it. It's a lot bigger than I expected it to be, about 8" high from bottom of base to tip of sword. The base is about 8" by 5".

I'm really blown away by the detail on it. The Hylian Shield is fantastic, and the Master Sword is breautiful. The fine blue / purple metallic sheen to the hilt is gorgeous. Link's face is meticulously painted and the retain of the map and key on the tree stump is fantastic. (Does anyone know what dungeon that is? I don't immediately regocnize it even though it's very familiar...)

I only have the Samus Aran Metroid Prime staue in this Nintendo series from First 4 Figures, but I'm tempted to pick up the other Zelda ones now. I was excited by the prospect of them making tome TP based statues as previsouly hinted at in their newsletter, and since it's a favourite game of mine, thye will proabbly be a must buy.

Unfortunately, the mailman also had my credit card bill wit hhim, and Link was already charged to it. Oh well! :P All in all he was $150 shipped. That's an extremely good price for something of this size and quality. I've bought much more expensive statues that are not nearly as nice as this piece is.

So, here's some pics I thought I would share with everyone. Maybe it's not going to be such a bad day after all. :)

(I hope these images are not too large to include, I didn't see any rules about image posting sizes outside of SB or signatures. If they are too big, please let me know and I will resize them down.)


Resident Cartographer
Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
That looks soooooo cool i want one of those! btw the map sorta resembles Jabu-jabu's belly


c o u r a g e ;
Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
Oh my!
That looks fantastic, I want one now! I've always seen them around the net and such and I've never been too trusting to get one because of the whole 'maybe its smaller than it looks' but now that I see yours I really might get one. The one thing that kinda bothers me about it are the eyes, they look a little off to me but either way, I'd say its a pretty good statue <3


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
I saw the same statue in a store two days ago, but it was 90 euro. They also had a Sheik statue (I think it is the same brand) for 99 euro. Sadly my wallet wasn't as filled as I wanted, so I only could stare at it for several minutes :P.

Your Link statue looks a lot better than my Phantom Hourglass statue thingies though >.<


Sep 15, 2008
First4Figures are awesome, but link looks like he putted some eyeliner.

I wanted Fierce Deity Link, Zero Suit Samus, Skull Kid and Phazon Suit Samus... Those are awesome


The Oath of Kinbaku, Tzion, Terra, and Iscariot.
Jun 6, 2009
Wow that looks absolutely awesome. Hopefully the TP statues would also look even more epic. I guess this was just the pick-you-up you needed huh? BTW we need a hylian translator here ASAP to read us whats on the map. Anyone here kno hylian?


Math is power.
May 28, 2009
Indiana, USA
Looks supurb!
The detail was a lot more extensive than I would have expected, from the strong emotion in Link's face to the neatly shaded folds of his tunic. I haven't bought anything from First4Figures as of yet, but I may do so in the near future ^_^


Aug 25, 2008
These look fantastic, and I love how they put so much detail into it, even with the map there. The eyes look a little odd, but nonetheless, it still looks great. It's even neat how the map is the Forest Temple, very cool.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Dude, this looks awesome!!! :D Man, looking at your Link statue makes me want to get one. Sadly, I am broke. :( *opens money pouch only to see a fly come out* Sigh...

The details and the fact that they put a map of an actual Zelda dungeon is a nice touch. This makes me want one even more now... :(

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