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Ocarina of Time First Encounter with a Wallmaster



For some reason I don't think they ever got me in OoT's Forest Temple. However, when I played through ALttP later, the ones in the Skull Woods dungeon drove me crazy.

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
This is for OoT, not Phantom Hourglass.
I was scared o.o. A hand dropped from the sky, grabbed my head and I was at the beginning of the temple again.

I had more trouble with them in MQ in the well though :P
Aug 8, 2011
Louisville, KY
I've been caught by a Wallmaster twice. After the second time was when I figured out how to watch it's shadow on the ceiling and keep moving until it's shadow stopped following me. It was kinda frustrating being caught, since you had to go all the way back to the beginning of the temple.


I played the Forest Temple today and I knew, that there are Wallmasters. Navi warned me, that there are monsters on the ceiling. But I didn´t see the shadow and just stand there. Then the Wallmaster caught me and I was like "Oops" xD. The next time, I came to this room, I just jumped off the platform and killed it.

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