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Fire Emblem Fire Emblem 3 Houses: Build your house

Threads relating to the Fire Emblem series.
Aug 31, 2019
Build your own class from the students of Fire Emblem 3 houses.

You can pick & choose members from any of the 3 houses to form your own.

Whether you pick people who'd be useful, fun to hang out with or strong is entirely up to you.

No members of the Church of Seiros/Faculty members

No villains/antagonists
No members of the Ashen Wolves
Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude & Byleth are off limits
You must have at least one member from each house in your class & you can't recruit anyone later

No one gets the honour of having the Gatekeeper

fire emblem 3 houses' only students.jpg

You've got 7 members to choose. Who're you gonna pick?

(just a bit of fun/food for thought, don't take it too seriously)

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