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The Minish Cap Finished Minish Cap for the First Time (it Was Bloody) and There is One Question Left

Unlucky Monkey

The Great King of Apes
May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany

What you see here is my right hand after my very first playthrough of The Minish Cap. It doesen't look actually this bad on the picture, but, trust me, it hurts quite a bit, and, meanwhile, it is a bit swollen. I've hit the table pretty hard after I was killed bei Vaati for the second time. I never thought I would have to fight everything from the beginning after he killed me. I was not amused. Last time, such thing happened to me is about 12 years ago, the game was Tekken 2 (destroyed my Playstation controller after I lost countless times against Kazuya and Devil Kazuya).

So, I've finished the game, finally. Missed the game when it was released for the Game Boy Advance. Now I was able to play The Minish Cap on my 3DS. And it wasn't that short everyone was telling me. Here is a personal statistic from my 3DS log:

1: Ocarina of Time 3DS: 34:12
2: The Minish Cap: 25:14
3: Phantom Hourglass: 20:31
4: Spirit Tracks: 19:50
5: Links Awakening DX: 15:46

There is a little controversy when it comes to the DS games. I started Phantom Hourglass on my DSi. So I think I can put 5 hours more up to the 20:31. The same goes for Spirit Tracks (I didn't even finished the game, I stuck near the last boss).

Overall, the game was fun and quite challenging. But a few things were pretty annoying. Don't like the Kinstones. I don't like collecting the shells either. There was much to do at the overworld, but not every aspect was interesting. My favourite Dungeon was The Palace of Winds.

So, my question is, did anyone played the European version? Yes, there are a few glitches, but the translation is also weird.

At the end of the game, there was written, in German language:

"Damit endet Links erstes Abenteuer"

Translated this means something like:

"Now, the first adventure of Link has ended"

This would mean The Minish Cap is the first game in the Timeline (we all now it is not since Hyrule Historia).

The english version is saying:

"Thus did Link's quest come to an end"

So the meaning is completely different. Anyone got the original japanese text for this scene?
Well, maybe this was a topic 2000 times before, but I was surprised. Didn't know the german translation is that different.

Anyway. It was a really good game. Except the moment when I've lost my patience.
The next 2 Zeldas on my list: The Oracle games. These will almost conclude the list of the few Zelda Games I've missed in the past.
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Unlucky Monkey

The Great King of Apes
May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany
34 hours to beat OoT3DS? Was this your first time?
Of course not. But even if I play the game for the 20th time, it would still took me about 30 hours. You have to subtract a few hours because my 3DS with the game was turned on, but I did not play the whole time.

Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword almost took me about 70 hours. I'm a very comfortable gamer. There is no time limit in Zelda like in an Super Mario game, am I right? So, I'm that kind of gamer, who watched every sunrise and sundown in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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