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Dec 3, 2009
At last I can go of spirit tracks onto Twilight Princess!!! I got the Wii yesterday and the game! If anyone is willing, I'd like to hear a bit about the game.


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
Well, for one thing, pay attention to Midna's little giggling things- when she has something to say, she's a thousand times more useful than Navi. If you get stuck at the beginning, there's -spoilers- whistle grass that you can use to hit the beehive and grab the baby carriage. Things that look like dark smoke are bad and will do bad things to you, and stay the heck away from enemies unless you need hearts in the early stages of the game- TP falls prey to "it gets easier as you go along" because the enemies never start doing more than a heart's worth of damage, but at the beginning you'll probably have trouble with those shadow bugs.

When it comes to TP in general, the best things about it are the dungeons (which, thankfully, tend to be actual locations instead of generic temples, and even the generic temples have their own unique looks) and the hidden areas, which you'll be able to find a bunch of once you have the clawshot and bombs. There are tons of little minidungeons that throw areas that look like deleted scenes from the temples at you- like one that has you falling down into a pit of lava through magnetic beams, and you have to time the Iron Boots to save yourself. The beginning and the Twilight portions are kind of annoying interludes, but some of the things you do are pretty clever to find these bugs. Anyway, Hyrule Field is great here, full of tons of secret areas that put OoT's to shame. Once you can change to wolf at will, the only time he'll be useful is against Imp Poes and Shadow Beasts, which go down like that when you use the energy field attack.

TP might not be revolutionary, but it's definitely the most polished entry among the 3D games.


The Acorn sized Magician
Jan 29, 2010
Riding Epona around Hyrule!
Twilight princess is one of my favorite zelda games. Some of the harder levels (for me) were the water temple, the city in the sky (still hav'nt finished) and the fire temple. alot of people say that the walkthrough book is the best for helping you, but if you go on the internet and look up legend of zelda twilight princess walkthrough ign that is the best. It takes you through step by step (literally). I find it very useful. or just a experienced friend works to. I can ask her about it and get back to you later. and also, like TVTMaster says, midna is much more useful than navi, so listen to her all the time. also, if you do not have a computer or the helpful book or friend, then get to the east entrance of castle town, turn down (towards you) and go past the big tent, and go into the second building. there will be a fortune teller, and she'll ask if you want your fortune told. after you pay the 10 ruppees, then chose work, and the fortune teller will tell you where to go. It will be in riddle, so you have to figure it out. they are usually pretty easy. good luck!

okay found my friend.

they say:the game has an amazing story. but its alot darker than the other Zeldas but still if i were a critic i would rate it a 9.7 there also alot of action which gives it big points....so yeah

back to me.

so that is all the info I can give you. I hope you enjoy the game, because it is intense, and awesome! bubbi!
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