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Breath of the Wild Favourite Weapon "Brand"


The game is on!
Breath of the Wild has tons of weapons to offer. That is awesome because it allows for different play styles and we're able to fight as we prefer. Anyway, amongst all the weapons there are many different "brands" as I like to call them. Some brands offer weapons of all kinds (swords, claymores, axes, spears, bows, shields) whereas some only offer certain specific ones. I decided to make a list of some of the weapon brands that I could think of, if only to refresh your minds.

Forest Dweller
Royal Guard

As for me I find myself mostly enjoying to use the Lizal weaponry quite a lot. It's easy to get my hands on and it's pretty good for the most parts. Their boomerangs, bows and shields can be great. I like to use the Royal and Royal Guard weapons too of course, simply because they typically have such great stats. And in addition to those I also use Yiga and Guardian weapons fairly frequently.

So how about the rest of you? :^^:
Sep 21, 2014
While I do tend to favor certain types of weapons, I don't think that your "brand" scheme is what most accurately typifies the ones I like to use, It's too inclusive in some ways, too exclusive in others. But as far as they go, I suppose I like Lizal, Boko, Lynel, and Royal weapons the best.

Beyond that, I love broadswords and many club types as well, like the Dragonbone Boko club, as they are fast, one-handed weapons. I also love Giant Boomerangs, because really they're just lots of fun. I dislike most greatclubs, and tend to relegate them to smashing rocks. I despise claymores of all types. I don't like how slow they are and find them just generally unfun to wield. I legitimately prefer to use a Korok Leaf over a claymore. As for axes, there's really only one worth mentioning as a legitimate weapon, and it looks pretty sweet but you don't really find many of them. I wish there were hand-axes. Spears and Halberds are really fun to use too, I love their long reach and they make excellent mounted weapons. I love finding large groups of mounted enemies and knocking them off their horses in a joust, or running full-tilt at Moblins to send them flying with a thrusting attack. The "THWACK!" is most satisfying indeed.

Specific favorite weapons include but are not limited to: Royal Broadsword, Royal Halberd, Royal Bow, Dragonbone Boko Bow, Reinforced Lizal Bow, Lizal Tri-Boomerang, Giant Boomerang, Dragonbone Boko Club, Savage Lynel Sword, Savage Lynel Shield, Sea Breeze Boomerang, Lynel Bows of all types, mop.

Special Notes: Gerudo **** is too fragile for its damage output, everyday items are really funny to use, and Yiga stuff is strong but has garbage durability.
I think the word you're looking for is "series" @Pendio. (:

For functionality: Knight's, Lizal, Lynel, Royal
For aesthetics: Guardian, Lizal, Lynel
For frequency of use: Guardian, Lizal, Royal

For melee weapons, type-wise I prefer polearms over one-hand and two-handed weapons. Bam bam bam. But I'm not really that picky anymore. Guardian weapons are really awesome. I always keep a few ancient battle axe++'s on me at all times, as they're very powerful and somewhat durable for a guardian series weapons. Knight's series weapons are stuff I'll opportunistically collect when a monster drops one and prioritize their use because I'd rather them break than some of my other weapons. They're convenient to me, and are pretty reliable. A more in-depth breakdown is probably in order, though, because while the "human-made" weapons are increasing in class as traveler's → soldier's → knight's, the same is to be said about the monster series weapons, where for example, moblin and bokoblin series weapons should be treated such as x → spiked → dragonbone.

I love enhanced lizalfos weapons in particular (forked lizal boomerang, enhanced lizal spear, strengthened lizal bow). They're common, and are pretty well balanced with attack and durability for one so common. Likewise, I like the standard lynel series, though I can't get standard lynel spears anymore and it makes me sad. Visually, I think it looks the best of the three lynel weapon classes. But, I love the savage lynel weapons as well, and I will hoard savage lynel spears especially. I collect the royal series weapons because they're common in the end-game, and somewhat powerful, plus rather durable. Don't care for how they look though. The purple with the gold is very gaudy to me.

For bows, my inventory mostly consists of quickshot savage lynel bows and royal bows, as well as both enhanced lizal bows and steel lizal bows. I stopped using shields almost entirely a while ago, so my inventory is just whatever I've picked up. I normally favored knight's shields, guardian shield+'s, and standard lynel shields though. Royal and savage lynel shields are also good. All the lynel series shields can do damage to enemies if you press A even if you're not in a parry, but it greatly takes off durability and will make it break after a few times, so I don't really do that unless it's an accident.
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Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Guardian and Savage Lynel brand weapons are to my eyes the best and to be honest the only ones worth keeping in the inventory... well bar the odd boomerang. Mainly as with their respective armors they far out power any other weapon in the game.

Alita the Pun

Oct 6, 2016
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I like royal weapons and Lizal weapons, they are fairly powerful and durable. Not counting the hylian shield, I love the savage lynel shield. I also really like the long shot rito bows.


Jun 22, 2011
I typically carry around Savage Lynel, Guardian, and Royal weapons. I try to have at least one fire weapon as well and failing that a torch or other wooden weapon to use alongside wood and flint. I find myself using a Savage Lynel bow, Guardian swords/ spears, and Royal shields most often now that I'm late in the game.
Zora weapons, they arent the best to use but they look sexy as hell.

Streamlined edges, full silver edged with just enough colour to give them flare.

Just wish the Zora series covered all the bases, i'd love to see a zora club and more than one shield.


Sole Survivor
Apr 10, 2017
Royal Guard. There are some crazy Royal Guard's swords out there with like 70 attack.
I like Royal Guard bows and stuff too


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Jan 31, 2010
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Definitely the Lynel weapons. The crusher does insane damage. I also love the guardian weapons. I'll make sure I got at least one set of guardian weapons in my inventory. Together with lynel weapons. I like the Lizalfos shields. They're remarkably strong. The lizalfos bow is also pretty reliable but I prefer the zora bows or the Lynel or Korok bow.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I would say lynel, knight and royal weapons are my favourite. Lynel bows tend to be multiple arrows and high damage, which are great to turn right back on the next Lynel I fight, their weapons tend to often be two-handers that I can use for spin-attacks with most of the other enemies and bosses in the game. They can also be the most powerful, and reach beyond 100 in damage.

The knight/royal weapons tend to be fairly good to really good in damage and many of them are two-handers, which works well for the spin attacks. The shields are also pretty decent in stats (though nothing beats the hylian shield there, lol)


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Oct 1, 2012
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I like them all for different reasons. I like rusty weapons because they're a wild card if you throw them to a death mountain octorok. I like Royal Guard weapons because they're powerful and black. Lynel weapons look awesome and they're a fun challenge to get, and even more fun to get when you get that perfect guard going.

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