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Favourite unfinished comic?

Jan 13, 2015
An Attack Roflcopter
Mine would go to one by the name of "Property of Hate". It is a mass of metaphors, symbols, and motifs of the thoughts we as humans have, while also providing hilarious diolouge and a plot behind it all.

I'll give a little snippet of the comic, probably won't understand the context but the scene is funny regardless. https://imgur.com/a/L3IM3
Can i nominate Batwoman?

The original creative team (rightfully) walked away from DC, the resulting continuation by the second team was an abomination even by DC's modern standards.

I think of that comic as unfinished, considering the last panel of the last page before the change saw Batwoman and Batman trying to choke the life out of each other...

Thats one hell of a cliffhanger and i'll never have it resolved.
I can't really ever read them again because they are really hard to find, but I really enjoyed these two Zelda webcomics that were never finished. The first being a TP adaptation, and the second was a comedy version of OOT called Ocarina of Tim(this is even harder to find because it's obscure and exactly the same name as OOT with the exception of one letter. Which is really unfortunate cause I really enjoyed it). Neither was finished cause the authors went on hiatus and seemingly disappeared off the internet.


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Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
I think that my favorite unfinished comic was the original Archie Sonicverse. After one of their ex-writers used a legal loophole to take back the rights to all his original characters and try to make his own comic based on only the OCs, along with some extra pushes from Sega, they decided to reboot the entire canon with a (rather good) Mega Man crossover. So many plotholes left unfinished - they'd roboticized one main character, effectively killed off a second, and split up the main team, so there was a lot that was just never resolved. A few months ago, the current writer (who also wrote before and after the reboot) started coming out with a series on his blog called "Lost Hedgehog Tales" to explain where the characters and stories were projected to go before they were forced to reboot. Unfortunately, he hasn't updated that since the first section in March. While it's still technically an ongoing series, 20 years of canon and an upcoming exciting storyline were just forcibly removed, so I count it as unfinished.

Also, RIP Pokemon Hard Mode and Spacecat. They're not cancelled, but the author has other stuff going on, so they may as well be.


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Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
Maybe somewhere between The Maxx, which just ended abruptly 20+ years ago, or the many incarnations of Darkhawk. The latest series established some interesting space stuff in Marvel only to drop it and never speak of it again.

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