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Favourite Tunic?

What is your favourite tunic?

  • Green/Kokiri

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  • Blue/Zora

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  • Red/Goron

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  • Purple

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  • White/Lavender (LoZ)

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  • Zora Armour

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  • Magic Armour

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  • Dark Link's Tunic

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  • Other

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  • Total voters
Stop right there, mister or miss! This is a poll, and I have noticed that the ZD community is so active that people answer the question before I can set up the poll. I ask that you kindly wait a moment while I finish things up. Thank you:)

My personal favourites are the Magic Armour and the Zora Armour from TP. I like to have more variation than a simple colour change. Both the Magic Armour and the Zora Armour looked far different from Link's standard attire (plus they make you look like a proper knight and an underwater ninja, respectively).

So which tunics are your favourite? Why?


Not A Wizard
Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles
I voted Green/Kokiri and Purple, because I like both equally.
The Zora/Goron tunics had added functionality, but that's really the only time I used them. Other than that I was wearing the default, green tunic. I also never really used the Magic Armor.

When playing FS/FSA with my friends, I always played Purple Link. When playing single-player Zelda, I love the green, but in the multiplayer games, the purple is my favorite.

I just can't imagine regular Link with purple.
Personally, the Magic Armor was the most original tunic idea in years. It didn't protect Link from environmental conditions but rather rendered him impervious to damage for the price of rupees-the system of equivalent exchange.

For a game I thought utilized its item arsenal poorly, the Magic Armor was very fair. Not only did it cost a few sidequests and nearly 2000 rupees when all was said and done but provided an outlet for less experienced players to enjoy the experience. When I fought Ganondorf for the first time I wasn't a "hardcore" gamer yet, at least not in the Action-Adventure genre. Ocarina of Time's Ganon is no pushover but Twilight Princess's is exponetially harder. Equipping this gear from the equipment subscreen allowed me to persevere.


Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
I like the Green/Kokiri Tunic and Zora Armor. They look super awesome and amazing. Both look lovely on Link:3. I only like the Green Tunic on TP. Sorry:3

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