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Favourite Trading Sequence?

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Jun 9, 2009
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I liked a lot the OoT trading secuence. Mostly because after all that hard work you get the Biggoron sword wich is the strongest sword in the game.

I didn't like the WW trading secuence. I took a lot of sailing and a lot of rupees. It was a very tiring trading secuence...

MM was like a big, big trading secuence, so if that counts then MM is my favorite:)!


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Oct 4, 2009
Hmm... I only remember the one in OOT but it was quite easy! The timer wasn't such a challenge unless you walk it. Once I accidently played the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia but you couldn't do that! :P


Mine is probably the one in Link's Awakening. In that game you actually have to beat it to beat the game. In the end it gets you the Magnifying Lens, but it's optional to go down to the beach and get the Boomerang which owns every enemy in the game lol.

I totally agree! It's definetly my favorite trading sequence! You got two items. Well, the boomerang wasn't really part of the quest, but it was BECAUSE of the quest you could get it.


Feb 2, 2009
Could the sequences in AoL be considered as trading sequences, or are they more fetch quests? For example, where you obtain the statue to bring back to the village in order to obtain new magic? I really enjoyed those "venture out to get one item in exchage for magic" missions.

I liked the one where you had to find the child on maze island. I just find it hilarious when Link finds him and holds him up, prideful, with a Lizalfos waiting to kill you.

Other than that, the only trading sequences that I've completed are those of OoT, TWW, and OoS. Out of those, I will not hesitate to say that OoT was easily my favorite one.

OoT's trading sequence was actually difficult. It was more than just here, you have this, give me something that I need to give to someone else, etc. You had time limits on the Odd Mushroom and Eyeball frog, and I'll admit, I had some trouble with the Odd Mushroom. Ocarina of Time's trading sequence just felt really complete in my opinion, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Plus, it had an awesome reward, the Biggoron Sword. A really fun sword to use, especially if you get it early and go through some dungeons with it.

Out of TWW and OoS, I liked TWW's trading sequence better. I thought it was real fun to take the time to go around, finding which Gorons gave you the better statue. Wasn't too challenging in a way that was fun, but was challenging in the sense that you had to go through the pain of finding which Goron to trade. Still, it wasn't too terribly irritating. At the end of the Trading Sequence, I thought it was cool to be able to plant those flowers around the town. Our reward here is just a Heart Piece, but it's not like it seems like it was all for nothing. Everybody likes Heart Pieces.

Then there's OoS. The reason I don't like this one as much is because it wasn't really for anything. It was for a tip on how to get the Noble Sword, and I could've just gone to a guide and checked on how to get it. Although, you do get the ability to buy potions about halfway through the Trading Sequence. The Trading Sequence wasn't particularly challenging if you knew where to go, but I still thought it was kind of fun. None of the trading sequences really disappointed me, but I was just kind of bummed that it was mostly for nothing.

I'm in the midst of LA's trading sequence, and I plan to eventually finish the rest of the Trading Sequences throughout the games. I'd like to see a trading sequence in a future Zelda game that is more like OoT's, where you have time limits and things that make it not so easy. But I'd like to also see new twists on the Trading Sequences, more than just added time limits, like other puzzles that you need to solve in order to get from item to item.

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Jul 9, 2009
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I liked the Oot trading quest I was relevied to finaly complete it and get the Biggoron's Sword and then I kicked some major butt with it and went crazy with power (and got my self killed:dry:). that is really the only one I have done but it was worth it after my three hours on it.:clap:


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Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
I rather disliked the OOT trading sequence.

TWW was probably my favourite as it felt like more of a trading sequence then a "Go do work for me and i'll reward you with doing work for someone else" that OOT was.


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To all those who hate trading sequences, I love them. I think if you are stuck in a part in Zelda it's a fun side quest that takes up some time. There may be a couple of non-optional trading sequences, but none of them are hard for me and it's exciting to see what you will get next, if you don't already know :P

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