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Spoiler Favourite SS Character?

May 11, 2011
I'm sure there was a thread for this, but I couldn't find it? Anyway, who is your favourite character on SS?

I have 2 favourites. One of them is Groose. At first I hated him, but as his character progressed, he turned out to be quite a decent guy in the end.

My other favourite, and this is just for humour purposes, is the item check girl - I just found it hillarious at how miserable and unenthusiastic about her job she was (although this changes when you do her gratitude crystal quest).

An honourable mention to Ghirahim, a truly sinister villain!
Jul 22, 2011
Ghirahim for sure. His calm air interspersed with moments of pure rage made him a better execution of what Zant was meant to be, in my opinion. Groose was my second favorite, due to his character evolution throughout the game. (The cutscene in which he freaks out over Gorko is good too)

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Jul 12, 2011
Ghirahim! He was creepy, odd, powerful and down right insane. Each time he was hard but not too hard but crazy cool and simply insane every time I saw him. Most times I oppose to bringing back villains who are not the main one but I got to say I can't wait to see this guy in a future Zelda game.


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May 26, 2010
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Link is my favorite SS character. I mean, he's a Gary Stu who is still awe inducing despite his status. (:


Fi became my favorite character, in the end. :P
When she said she felt happiness <3 <3 <3
Scrapper is amazing. I don't know why i like him so much, i just do.
Thank-you! Omigawsh, Scrapper is absolutely hilarious. xD He's like the Linebeck of Skyward Sword. The way he has a crush on Fi makes him even more enjoyable. Fi acts so robotic, that it's ironic that Scrapper has more of a personality than she does. But I do think it is funny how he treats Link in comparison to Fi. He's always showing off to her, too. x)
Scrapper said:
He's not at all like a certain someone I know who drags Mistress Fi around the world without a care for her safety or happiness, bzzat!
Da'aw, he's so adorable. :3 Gotta love him~
Sep 21, 2011
Other than the obvious Link or Zelda, I would say it was Groose. He was an ******* at first, but once he ended up helping me out, I felt like he earned my respect. I think hes the only supporting character in any Zelda game (not counting the navigator Navi, Midna, Fi etc) that actually help on Link's adventure. But I turned down ther Item check girl, shes a creepy...& I'm kinda a Zelink fan in this game...heheh
Sep 17, 2011
SS Link and Zelda managed to end up being my fav Link and Zelda ever, they were just...charming and interesting!

But other than that Groose, he's just so awesome. Best minor character ever, I think that pretty much only proper word to describe him would be "bro". Yeah, he seemed a bit full of it at first, but the more game progressed the more lovable he turned out to be. (Though even at the beginning of the game I found him humorous in that douche way.)

Also he has the most awesome hairdo in any Zelda game so far. Loving that pompadour.

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