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Hyrule Warriors Favourite soundtracks?


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Oct 7, 2020
What are your favourite tracks in AoC.
Mine are Crescendo (Phase 1), Champion Mipha, Revali Ace archer, aviator, searching the lost woods, Top banana of the yiga clan, overlooking hyrule (after the calamity), and the end credits

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Rescue Operation and With Power Awakened are my favorites. All of Crescendo is amazing. Mipha and Ruta's themes are fantastic, and Battle of Hyrule Field and Push Forward hit really well. This game has some seriously amazing music. It blows the previous HW game's soundtrack out of the water.

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Mipha and Urbosas, as well as the Decisive battle one.
Sep 5, 2020
With Power Awakened. Love the holy-sounding and emotional critical hit crescendo, really drives home that Zelda has god-power, is Hylia reincarnated.
Push Forward.
Revali's epic second theme, Ace Archer and Aviator. Seriously, he got a second theme, and it's so dramatic and epic, I love the straight-up medieval European sound of it. The theme convinces you he could really be the hero of the series. XD

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