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Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

Sep 10, 2011
What are your favourite small features of Skyward Sword that make thee game interesting?
For example, I like the effect where you see enemies ghosts float away when you kill them.

New Link

Link's Reincarnation
Aug 12, 2011
Forest Haven
Watching those cursed bokoblins get freaked out by my sacred shield! I never used my shield in that game and never knew how use full the shield bash is. Then I accidentally took out my shield and hen laughed so hard a the bokoblin!
Dec 31, 2011
Being able to leap up ladders and vines was the best. I finished up TP today and it drove me insane having to slowly climb up the ladders.

Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
Has the Thread starter said enemy ghost thing. this kind of reminded me of Goemon's Great Adventure.

The leaping up ladders and such has Kyle mentioned.

How you can use the whip to steal monster horn off of certain Bokoblins.


Mysteries of the Deep
Nov 18, 2011
Thrusting a pumpkin and hurl it at a dumbo night remlit. I liked the deku hornet vs bokoblin as well.
Sep 10, 2011
I hate to admit it, but stunning a bokoblin with your slingshot while they are on the tightrope really made me laugh :lol:
(Have you noticed how many of these involve bokoblins?)
Dec 27, 2011
I liked the whip - using it to steal Monster Horns and then watch the bokoblin throw a tantrum was the best.

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