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Favourite Race in the Zelda Series?

Aug 20, 2012
Throughout the Zelda series, there have been many different types of races (example: Goron, Zora, Hylian...).

Personally, my favourite race is the Anouki, while Deku comes to a close second.

Which race in the Zelda series is your favourite? Please comment below!
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Pokalink the avaricious
Feb 5, 2012
Outset Island
Whatever Fierce Deity Link is, since he really isnt a race i would say Zoras, there classic charecters, and there pretty awsome.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods

A race of ninjas? Hell yeah.

I don't think they're a race, more like a tribe or clan or something. Pretty sure they're Hylians sworn to protect the royal family

The Minish/Picori always intrigued me. A race so tiny could be living among us... right... now....


The Creepy Uncle
Feb 10, 2012
Swaggin Roost Island
I personally wasn't a fan of any of the races in Skyward Sword. They didn't feel Zelda like to me. Hell even the Gorons seemed out of place there.

That being said, my favorite race are the Dekus


Jul 13, 2008
I've always been a big fan of the Zoras. The aquatic divine race of Hyrule. I love swimming so I found it cool how these guys pretty much live in water and their also my favourite colour, blue. They also just look pretty darn awesome in the first place. One could say they admire the Zora's relation with the Royal Family in the games but that's not really one of the reasons why I like them. Also, in Majoras Mask they're jazz musicians. JAZZ MUSICIANS. I love it! xD How chilled out they all are, and the storyline that follows with them. Although Majoras Mask is great for it's story.

If I had a second choice I would say the Koroks of Wind Waker. These guys were not only cute and cuddly but I loved how they were so small and they had the ability to fly around. They also sing :P Who doesn't like singing baby trees? :P

After that I would probably say Sheikah> Gerudo> Kikwi> Minish

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I would pick either the Hylians or the Anouki.

Hylians for obvious reasons: Our dear legendary hero is a Hylian. That, and they're the most human, and therefore the most relatable. I tend to like relatable characters better. On top of that, I tend to prefer humanoid characters over anything else. It's just kind of my thing.

I like the Anouki because of they're personality. I find them to be really funny. I like how they can get "fiery" at times, and their dialogue is usually pretty interesting. They're simply fun characters to interact with.

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