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  1. Even if you prefer Zoras, you cant deny that the Gorons are a lot of fun no matter what game theyre in.

    We've seen a few different designs for Gorons over the years like the crusty smoking elders of TP to the old hunchbacked walking nightmare in MM...

    Darbus, Darunia... the giant Goron on death mountain...

    Which Goron is your favourite?
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  2. Scribear

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    I always feel bad for Link stealing his room and then the dude is like super nice "Its a nice night, I'll sleep outside." Like, for real! Too nice.
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  3. Satan

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    I like that one nameless goron in Phantom Hourglass who's obsessed with the store.
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  4. Deus

    Deus Oink~

    Gorons are the best.

    I like Gor Ebizo because he smokes a pipe and says 'Bruddah'

    But my favourite has got to be Gor Coron and I hope one day that someone will look at me the way he looks at Link.
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  5. Saggy Goron boobs
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  6. Deus

    Deus Oink~

    It was actually Ebizo that was meant to have the saggiest Goron boobs. In Hyrule Historia you can actually see an arrow pointing to them.

    They didn't make it into the final design though unfortunately.
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  7. S/he freaks me out.

    You'd chip a tooth on those... if you catch my drift.
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  8. InsomniacAttack

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    Definitely agree. Whenever I'm at this part of MM I feel so bad for taking his room. Thank goodness you don't have to in order to complete the quest.
  9. Mido

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    The Trader Gorons of Wind Waker are probably my favorites because their presence is unorthodox among WW Hyrule's denizens. Large, imposing, and drivers of hard bargains, these Gorons are quite the diligent folks (and they also have cool hats)!
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  10. Nutferatu

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    Biggorons just awesome, "Yeah, I just kinda sit here, and Im lile 100 feet tall. You want a sword? Have a sword!"
  11. Kylo Ken

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    "Myyyyyy broooootheeeeeer also makes swoooooooords. But myyyyy swoooooooooords are the best in toooooooooown."
  12. DJ Twitch

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    Darunia is the only Goron that will ever matter.
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  13. Spider-Bok

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  14. Cartoonmaniac

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    That one Goron that somehow ended up on a ledge in Snowhead with a frog hat on. Also, this guy[​IMG]

    Like, what the heck is he even doing there??
  15. Gorko is pretty cool in my book. It always felt good to run into him in my travels in skyward sword.