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Hyrule Warriors Favourite Character?

Mellow Ezlo

Dec 2, 2012
Angry Elfo
I'm not sure how many people still play Hyrule Warriors, but since it came up while I was talking to someone last night, I started thinking about the game again.

The game has a large variety of different playable characters, each one with unique weapons and fighting styles. Each character has pros and cons, some being obviously better than others in battle, but which character is your favourite? You can include the HWL and DLC characters as well.

For me, in story mode I Mostly favoured Link when he was playable, but I really liked using Volga too when he was an option. I found most of the characters to be rather difficult to use though, and most of them I still haven't really figured out. In Adventure Mode, whenever character choice was a thing, I picked Linkle. I not only love the way she looks, but her weapons and combos are great and I've just always found her really fun to use. I like how she's strong, but not overpowered like Link or Ganondorf. She's definitely my personal favourite character to use.

But what about you lovely people of the forums? Do you have a favourite character? Do you have a specific weapon that you prefer to use with that character? Discuss~~


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Jul 5, 2017
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Link was always a great character to play as, however I really enjoyed playing as Zelda and using her rapier combos, especially the one with the sweeping motion that builds up the special gauge really fast. It's hard to really pick one character so for fun purposes my top 3 are:

1. Zelda with Rapier.
2. Ghirahim. (dat evil laugh)
3. Lana with Book of Sorcery.


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Jun 7, 2017
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Basically almost all of them but let’s see if I can pin down a favorite.

...Nope can’t really do it too much awesome. I love all the character designs and the combos always feel great no matter who you’re playing as. I’ll throw in Lana with her summoning gate since riding argorok is the best thing since sliced rupees.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Oh definitely Volga. He became my fav character very soon when I played HW and in HWL I made him my main character as soon as he became playable.
Other characters I like:
Twili Midna.
Ganondorf with Spear = dope. The dude totally destroys everything in his path.
Most of the characters are fun to play with. In many cases you just have to figure out the best combo/weapon set and then you can wipe out large groups of enemies.


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Oct 13, 2013
If I remember Correctly In order.

1. Link with the ball and chain
2. Link with sword.
3. Zelda with Rapier
4. Impa with her main weapon (I forget what it was).

Who I didn't like:
Lana With her summoning book


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My mains were

Link with Master Sword
Zelda with Dominion Rod
Twili Midna

I didn't like playing as Agitha but everyone else was mostly okay to play as.

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