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Favorite Zelda Stage in Smash Brothers?

Jul 24, 2019
How would you rank the Zelda stages in the Smash brothers series from worst to best?
Asking for a ranking more on being a Zelda fan rather then a Smash Brothers competitive fan. For reference the stages are:

Hyrule Castle
Great Bay
Bridge of Eldin
Pirate Ship
Gerudo Valley
Spirit Train
Great Plateau Tower


ZD Legend
Nov 29, 2011
1. Great Bay
2. Pirate Ship
3. Hyrule Castle
4. Bridge of Eldin
5. Gerudo Valley
6. Temple
7. Skyloft
8. Spirit Train
9. Great Plateau Tower


Shadi Smith
ZD Champion
May 4, 2012
Trump's America
1. Great Bay
2. Pirate Ship
3. Gerudo Valley
4. Great Plateau Tower
5. Skyloft
6. Spirit Train
7. Bridge of Eldin
8. Hyrule Castle
9, anything my brain can come up w/ while in a coma
10. the underground labyrinth in melee's adventure mode
11. Shirley Temple


ZD Champion
Mar 18, 2019
My personal favorite would probably be skyloft. It’s one of my favorite locations in the entire Zelda series. The stage itself is terrific. It’s not just your regular boring static stage like temple or hyrule castle, yet it’s also not annoying to play on like great sea and to a lesser extent spirit train. every time this stage pops up on random I can’t help but sing along to the ballad of the goddess.


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Tier A
1. Bridge of Eldin
2. Temple

Tier B

3. Gerudo Valley

Tier C

4. Hyrule Castle
5. Great Bay
6. Skyloft

Tier D

7. Great Plateau Tower

Tier F

8. Spirit Train
9. Pirate Ship


Disaster Master
Dec 26, 2017
1. Hyrule castle, still my favorite stage in smash
2. Pirate ship
3. Temple
4. Great Bay
5. Gerudo valley
6. Spirit train
7. Skyloft
8. Bridge of eldin
9. Great plateau tower

Honestly I think all the zelda stages are well done and one of the best in the stage selection, but that might be bias.

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