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Hyrule Warriors favorite weapon?

Oct 7, 2016
Oh gosh. It's like choosing between my babies, except you know, without all the stress and guilt XD

Fi's sword is fast, graceful, and strong. Ghirahim's is focused, powerful, and elegant. Young Link's Fierce Diety is awesome, and Link's Great Fairy is hilarious. Shiek and Ganondorf (Swords) are both a blast. I think they're my favorites. That's only 6, so there's still room for me to find another fav. Cia's pretty great, but idk, I'll leave a slot open. I hope I didn't forget anyone lol XD
Oct 1, 2016
I gotta go with the Master Sword. I can just speed through enemies using it and the combos for it are great.
My favorite weapon for a character I don't play as much (which basically means anyone other than Link) is probably Impa's Naginata.
Oct 3, 2016
Well I can't really say since I haven't unlocked all of them (well I've locked all types but not all levels).
I guess I would have favorites in different categories.
Gameplay probably ball and chain cause it's pretty unique.
It's easier to say what ones I don't like... Darunias hammer...

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