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Favorite Version of Princess Zelda?

Feb 1, 2009
I know everyone is saying TP, ST, and WW but my favorite Zelda will always be Ocarina of Time Zelda. She has a major role in the game and it's the first game I ever played. Although if I had to chose another it would have to be Skyward Sword Zelda. I love her singing and she is straightforward in parts of the game. I love it!


Dec 11, 2012
Tough choice, I love WindWaker Zelda when she isn't Tetra, but I have seen skyward swords and I love the way she wears her part of the dress with the symbols on it, and the fan art of her is really good.
Dec 10, 2012
Skyloft Village
I'm not just going with the status quo here when i say tetra is my favorite. but only the one from WW. Tetra from PH doesn't have enough, as BeastModeMan97 would put it, attitude.
Aug 24, 2011
If we're talking about design, I like TP Zelda the best! She looked very mature and elegant and fitted the role of "ruler of Hyrule" very well! But, if we're talking about personality, definitely SS Zelda! She was awesome! Had a sense of humor but could also be very brave and mature as well! She fit so well with Link:) ok...don't even get me started on how cute they are in SS;)
Feb 5, 2011
Even though she wasn't REALLY a princess, Skyward Sword Zelda.
If you gave her Twilight Princess Zelda's dress and Ocarina of Time Zelda's colors, it might be the right design for her in the next Zelda.
Jun 2, 2012
I really like SS princess Zelda. I like her the most because she's a very kind and sweet person. She has a great personallity that's very happy and joyful, and she's a person that just loves having fun. A close second would have to be TP Zelda becaus she is also very kind and very giving. She gave her power to Midna to save her life.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
I like TP Zelda because she's more interesting, but I think my favourite is OoT because she has an actual personality- you know, she explains her guilt for what happened in Hyrule and for changing Link's life and putting him in danger. Also, she is Sheik, who is basically this awesome mysterious character who pops up and helps you along the way and you don't know it's her til the end.


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Dec 19, 2011
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SS Zelda, and TP Zelda. SS Zelda because, she is NOT a princess, but more of a friend, and she has a very sweet personality, and in overall, seems like a very nice person. TP Zelda, because, she IS a princess. She has that 'royal-air' surrounding her, and is more distant and honorable character, with pride, and by just standing in her presence, makes you kinda want to honor her.


Oct 24, 2012
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Skyward Sword Zelda is my definitive favorite. I admired her "watered-down" school girl look. It made her seem "more at home" and "down to earth" and approachable, and of course out of all other Zelda's her personality is the one that cannot be beat by a mile. The grade school romance between her and Link is so devilishly charming and a great addition to the series. Out of all the Zelda's she is the only one I personally cared about.

As much of a dull ice queen as she can be, Twilight Princess Zelda has the best visual look. Too bad she has the personality of a moss covered rock.

Tetra was the first to have an extensive personality but she seems to be an acquired taste and it is a taste that is lost on me, personally. I also don't think Nintendo capitalized on the Tetra/Zelda dichotomy of her character enough.

Ocarina of Time Zelda is a Ninja. A freaking ninja! Nuff said.
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