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Favorite Trailers

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I apologize if there is a similar and recent thread. I looked but did not find one.

Good day, everyone. This is a thread to talk about your favorite trailers. It can be a trailer for anything; video games, movies, tv shows, etc. Post a video of it, if you can find one, and talk about why you like it.

One of the best trailers I've seen is this one for the anime Sword Art Online:

I think it's very well constructed. The clips shown and the dialogue used, along with the soundtracks, really capture the essence of the anime. This trailer still impresses me, no matter how many times I watch it.

What about the rest of you? What trailer(s) do you consider to be your favorite, and why do you think of them as such?

*Just a side-note... fan-made trailers do not count.
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I'm a sucker for well-made trailers and can think of quite a lot right off the bat but I'll try to limit it to a select handful for the purpose of this thread.

This thread can't go without mention of the epic Xenoblade Chronicles trailer. It's been acclaimed as the best JRPG of the generation and rightfully so. Even prior to release, I already recognized it as something more from the trailer.


My next pick is somewhat controversial.


With the recent release of Resident Evil 6, many debate its merit but the original trailer was nothing short of phenomenal. I realize the series has strayed away from traditional survival horror but the action on display here is varied, detailed, and mind blowing. Capcom selected a great variety of scenes to get adrenaline flowing.

While I believe Batman received the last word this year, he had nothing on HoT Spidey in terms of trailers. The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is simply phenomenal. The Mirror's Edge like first person sequences cast a strong initial impression on me. One of my favorite hero movie lines is also present here, "Ready to play God? ".


In fact, the trailers for this movie are so good I'll post two.


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Feb 18, 2012
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Since I didn't post the video trailer, I thought I might put it in:


The horror, the mystery, the suspense oh i love this anime so much.

EDIT: No subs, I know. But I actually know what're they saying.
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