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Favorite Title


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
There are titles to things that are so evocative or interesting, they stick with you forever. Whether it's movies, music, tv shows, or whatever, tell us the greatest one(s) you've ever heard.

My favorite titles: Good news For People Who Like Bad News.
True Stories I Made Up
Nov 26, 2008
I know what you mean, although they tend to really stick (at least in my experience) when they are odd or somehow catchy.

The anime Bleach has an incredibly odd name considering it's an action anime with samurai, ghosts and monsters, yet the name is really catchy. :)

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Dang. I misunderstood the purpose of this thread, so, so bad. *epic fail* Anyways, I guess my favorite one is Naruto. I dunno why, but for some reason it just sticks in my head so well. And sometimes, I half yell it syllable by syllable. NAR-U-TO!
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May 23, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
I know what you're saying. Yes some titles are catchy and have meaning, though it stays with, It seems useful in Life situations. Titles shown here are from old Mangas, TV shows and from books. I forgot where but hey, they got stuck in my head. Mine are:

What goes up, must stay down.
Looking for something you need is looking for something you want.
Turn left to go right.
Dark themes have deep, deep meanings, just learn to listen.
Ignorance is Bliss
One idea is born from a thought, Two ideas can create another idea, thereby a world is born.


Rock and roll will never die
Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Um... so apparently it's cool to necro six year old threads now rather than just remake the conversation? Ok...

Titles can indeed be catchy or stick in your head. Some of my favourites:

'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' a movie title taken from a quote by Alexander Pope: "How happy is the blameless vestal's lot/ the world forgetting by the world forgot/ eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/ each pray'r accepted and each wish resign'd". The title and the quote don't necessarily give anything away about the movie itself, but I guess it sounds like a fancy way of saying 'ignorance is bliss'. Either way I feel like the quote makes you curious.

'My Mad Fat Diary' when talking about the TV show, or 'My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary' as the book was released as. As it's literally the published teenage diary of the author, Rae Earl, who suffered from obesity and mental health problems, it does what it says on the tin. But I think that's what's so catchy about it.

I also think the next Pirates of the Caribbean has a title like that too- 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'. It's intriguing :)

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