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Favorite Song


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I've merged the Favourite Tunes thread with the Favourite Song thread. I know the element of including remixes introduced by Master kokiri 9 was new, but it's still too similar a thread to keep both going simultaneously.


Dark Link is here...
Oct 4, 2009
Well I have many favourites but most of them come from OOT.

My absolute favourite is the Song of Storms... So relaxing and just... :D


Feb 2, 2009
I've always liked Zelda music. Not so much as it's what I listen to in my free time, but I tend to enjoy it compared to a lot of other video games. I have lots of favorites, so it'd be pretty hard to narrow it down to just a few.

I like most of the boss music that there has been throughout the Zelda series. Wind Waker had some good boss music, my favorite being the Helmaroc King fight. I also enjoyed the Molgera music quite a bit. I liked the generic boss music in MM, the music that was used for all the fights. OoT's boss music is also a classic, especially Ganon's theme. Only a few games had variety in the boss battle music though, like WW and TP. TP's bosses were amazing though. Blizzeta's music is one of my favorite in the series, and Stallord and Armogohma's themes were also notable.

I enjoy many other themes than boss battles. Probably my very favorite is the final hour theme in Majora's Mask. I usually tend to like more uplifting music than this... But this is probably the most epic theme in any Zelda game. It fits the moment so well. It makes that part of the game just that more epic, and I love it.

I thought that as an overall game, The Wind Waker had the best music, closely followed by TP and MM. Though if I was asked what my favorite Zelda Song/Theme was in a life or death situation, where I had to answer, I'd probably go with the final hour theme in MM.


Love Truth
Oct 12, 2009
I could be boring and reply with ones mentioned multiple times already, such as...

Farewell Hyrule King
Song of Healing
Windfall Island

But I think that the ultimate best song is the Wind Waker Staff Credits Redux Soundscape by ZREO. Man, that song is beautiful, especially near the end.

It encapsulates so much emotion.


Sharp's Curse sounds incredibly evil, but my favorite would have to be The song that plays as you stand in front of the Wind Fish's egg and the Ballad of the Wind Fish.


Crawfish Prime
Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
My favourite LOZ song would have to be the TWW Opening theme.

The fact that the song itself is a combination of the Earth God's Lyric and the Wind God's Aria make it even more awesome.
Sep 13, 2009
Southern California
ZDR's Top 20 Zelda Songs

So the Zelda Series is my favorite of all time, the action, the cinema, the effects. It's all good. But what really stuck to me and keeps me up at night on my piano is,

the music!

Epic, touching, bringing a tear to the eye. Yes folks I'm talking about the music in the Zelda Series. I'm going to list my favorite 20, least favorite to most favorite.


Woods (Link's Awakening)

This song was very mysterious, not eerie, so much as straight out mysterious. I would give this a higher rank but it was pretty annoying.


Serenade of Water

This song was a very nice, soothing, elegant song. Playing it felt good and relaxing, mellow. ec. etc. a very fine serenade indeed.


Clocktown Day I/II/III

This song is very catchy and has a nice rhythm. A nice, happy, song. And the way it speeds up as to dramatize the days passing, a very nice song.


Market (OoT)

A very strong but subtle nice song. This song would get stuck in your head, but in a good way of course. I find myself humming it when walking down the halls or taking a shower.



Remember this song? Nay, it's not quaint, nor is it subtle. It's a creepy, eerie, freaky song resembling THEM.


Forest Temple (OoT)

This song was pretty creep and forest-y in sound. This did the trick for me to dislike the Forest Temple, not because the song was bad, but again, it was creepy.


Town (Zelda II)

This song was very catchy and, again, quaint. Very nice and is a tad Pokémonish. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Pokémon rockzorz.


Zelda Opening/Great Fairy's Spring

Very beautiful indeed, remember selecting your profile and hearing this song? Yep, this is the one.


Overworld (Legend of Zelda (Original))

No comment, just was pretty good.


Temple (Zelda II)

Of course you love the temple from the "black sheep" game. Dramatic, nice, great, what else is there to say?


Death Mountain (A Link to the Past)

Hey, a great game, a great song. What's not to love? Exactly, nothing. This song was dramatic, catchy, etc. All the works. See this.


Hyrule Field (Majora's Mask)

Very strong song, and eerie. But still bold and dramatic, baroque one might inquire.


You gotta love this one. It's catchy, dramatic, and awesome. Maybe not this version of the song so much, but play the game and just stand in the Desert Colossus, you'll see what I mean.


Song of Storms

Catchy, eerie, dramatic. All the works, I'm sure you heard this one. If you haven't heard the medley from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, you should really get to it. This is the normal version. I don't have a link to the brawl version, if anybody could find it that would be great.


Overworld (A Link to the Past)

Anyone remember this?? Of course you do, it's one of the greatest songs! Indeed is it dramatic, touching, and gives the player a thrill and makes them really reflect on the series.




Lost Woods/Saria's Song

Great, eerie, mysterious. What more is there to say?


Song of Healing

Saria's Song backwards, even better. You'd be surprised.


Hyrule Castle (Wind Waker)

A very nice piece, sad, but nice. Dramatic at times too. What really made this my second favorite is the chorus in that song, you know, duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn. Well it's hard to type, but, if you listen you'll know what I'm talking about. Sad, and dramatic I'll say again. But it's great.


Zelda's Lullaby

Great, amazing, one of the best things I've ever heard. Maybe not this version, but definitely one of my favorites.


Yes, I'm including 0. Anyway, you may have noticed I did not say what my number zero is yet, I want it to be a surprise. But I'll say, this one did work hard to get there. It's amazing, beautiful, inspiring, totally and utterly awesome. This is what I'm talking about,

It's Ocarina of Time, Ending


I love all the music from Twilight Princess, but the ones that really stick out is The Bomb Shop (kind of poka music) Hyrule Lake (very soothing) and Midna's Last Hour. The music where the Duka Tree is in WW I have heard that before at a renassence fair quite a few years ago.
Oct 31, 2009
My Favs:

1). ALttP Credits Theme (It's just purely amazing)
2). Hyrule Castle Theme
3). Ganon Battle in AlttP (see the trend here? lol)
4). Ganondorf Battle in OoT
5). Faron Woods in TP
6). Lake Hylia in TP
7). Dragon Roost Island :)
8). Overworld Theme in LA
9). Dungeon 9 in LoZ
10). Final Palace in AoL (It really gives me chills!)
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
My favorite song is The Song Of Healing, especially when playing it in Majora's Mask. It just adds a really nice background to what's happening. Like... With the girl and her mummified father, Link plays the song, they hug etc :'(

A very powerfull song... *Goes in search for a full length song*
I remember before the time i had internet, i would record the song when i played the game to play on my phone :)

Also, the Song Of Storms, anything that can bring an accordian to a song is good to me ;)


Jul 13, 2008
So many different songs to choose from :S

1. Every single soundtrack of Ocarina of Theme.
2. Majoras Mask End of the World Theme.
3. Majoras Mask Ikana Desert Theme.
4. Twilight Princess Overworld in Twilight Theme.
5. Phantom Hourglass Oshus' Theme.


Aug 29, 2009
I have a lot of favorites, but my top three are
1.Dragon Roost Island
2. Koume and Kotake's theme
3. Linebeck's theme

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