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Favorite Province in Skyward Sword

What is Your Favorite Province?

  • Faron Province

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  • Eldin Province

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  • Layranu Province

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Apr 23, 2012
I can't really choose. I loved the colors and importance of Faron, the puzzle solving aspect of Lanayru, as well as the action in Eldin.
Feb 1, 2012
My favorite was Faron because of its great scenery and being able to freely explore. My least favorite was Eldin. Normally the fire places are my favorite but with the Eldin region I just felt shut in and felt there wasn't much to explore.

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Jun 15, 2010
United States
Based purely on the atmosphere of the region, my favorite would have to be Lanayru. The whole "Lost Civilization" theme really stuck with me. Additionally, Lanayru provides plenty of Zelda Theory material to work with.

My least favorite region is Eldin, definitely. I know that it serves as the game's lava world, but I guess I was just hoping for a bit more variety. That's my only major complaint about SS overall, really. Rare wants more locales!


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Jun 17, 2009
Lanayru is my favorite region, Eldin my least favorite. Eldin Province was still awesome, but for some reason I've never liked fire regions in Zelda.

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My favorite region was definitely the Lanayru Desert simply because it was so well designed and truly fulfilled Nintendo's promise of blending the overworld with the dungeons. Never before have I been so confused while simply searching for the next dungeon. Some of the puzzles in Lanayru were absolutely stupendous. It certainly helped that the dungeons and their respective bosses in the region were among the best (at least aesthetically) in the game. :)

My least favorite region was Eldin Volcano. The region was very well designed however the area felt lacking in tasks to accomplish compared to the other two land masses. Nevertheless, many of the region's problems were amended by two excellent dungeons-one sporting a common franchise item but a boss of epic proportions and the other housing the first genuine sword fight in the game. Despite these strong points, Eldin was not my sweet cup which is strange considering I'm usually a fan of fire regions. :(
Apr 4, 2012
My favorite region was Lanayru. The music, dungeons, and the amount of area to explore were far better than any other region. Eldin, surprisingly, was my least favorite. It confused me the most my first time through, and the music made me feel slightly depressed.

I like what you're saying about the music from Lanayru, I have it on my playlist at work.


Particularly for its scenery and atmosphere, Faron is my favorite region. Overall, Eldin is my least favorite region.
Apr 8, 2012
I liked all of them for different reasons... Lanayru because of the sand sea and dungeons, faron because of my five favorite bosses and scenery aaaand plot and eldin because of its music and fire sanctuary boss fight
Dec 27, 2011
Bloomington, Indiana
my favorite was lanayru desert because it had my favorite music of the 3 and i liked its puzzles in that region and my least favorite is faron woods because it was easy and i didn; like the music much

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