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Favorite Pokemon of All-time


The King of all Rocks
Nov 12, 2011
Death Mountain
i'm sorry if someone else has posted this, but what is your favorite pokemon of all time? Mine is Charmander. he is cute and he evolves into Charizard, one of the coolest fire pokemon ever.61015-cute_charmander_fireflies.jpg

prince rallis

I'm a huge metal fan.
I like totodile and all its evelutions because in my first pokemon game,Pokemon Mystery Dungeons explorers of sky I was a Totodile,and in HeartGold my starter was a totodile who I named Mind flood and to this day I still have him,I also have a feraligater named Crystal but my brother is holding on to her.


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Jul 26, 2010
My favorite Pokemon of all time is between Charizard, Pikachu, Primeape, Mewtwo and Infernape. If I had to pick one out of those five it would probably be Charizard.

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