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Favorite Pokémon From Each Generation

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I didn't see a thread like this therefore I decided to create one of my own.

Every Generation brings with it a plethora of new creatures to capture and breed. The original 151 Pokémon have expanded to a whopping 649 since 1996 and it's certainly becoming more difficult to keep track of them all, let alone pick out the best from the rest. This thread is pretty straightforward as the title insinuates. What is your favorite Pokémon from each generation? Your choice can be influenced by a variety of factors the least of which are aesthetic design, teachable moves, and type.

Generation I: Mew

Mew has long been rumored to be the precursor of all Pokemon and from its DNA the deadly construct coined Mewtwo was created. My love for this Pokémon grew after watching Pokémon: The First Movie. Mew appeared to be the harmless counterpart to its genetic progeny and proved that all Pokémon can and should be respected. To this day Mew remains something of a collector's item and purists treasure a capture from the original Red and Blue. Moreover, Mew can learn any TM or HM making it the ultimate fighting machine.

Generation II: Lugia

One more the Pokémon movies influence my decision but in terms of aesthetic and types Lugia is quite the powerhouse as well. It's Psychic-Flying combination renders it double super effective against the Fighting type for example. Its ability to utilize an array of water moves also proves to be an advantage.

Generation III: Aggron

My first non legendary choice among the bunch. While Rayquaza certainly boasts immense Attack and special Attack stats, it has a double weakness against the Ice Type and I've found it to be one of the weaker legendaries. My nomination therefore goes to the awe-inspiring Rock-Steel Pokemon Aggron. Amazing Attack and Defense statistics make this a solid choice.

Generation IV: Magmortar

This one is pure bias on my part. Magmortar may not be the best Pokémon, however, my love from Magmar since the early Kanto days extends to this Sinnoh evolution. Its cannon is absolutely impeccable in design and a cheap if sound Fire tactic can be pulled off by combining Sunny Day with the 140 power move Overheat.

Generation V: Volcarona

When I saw this as Alder's last Pokémon in Black and White I was absolutely thrilled. The Bug type has traditionally been accused as weak falling victim to Fire, Flying, Ice, and a whole lot more. The dual Fire type of Volcarona causes these types to inflict only regular damage. Its move set is also impeccable with Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, Hurricane, and Feiry Dance especially standing out.

There's my list. Now I'd love to read yours.


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Jun 15, 2010
Generation I: Aerodactyl

I'm usually not really fond of fossil Pokemon, but Aerodactyl is one of my favorites nonetheless. I fell in love with him during my days with the Pokemon Stadium games. Design-wise, he has a fairly simple and bland look, but his ability in battle seems to make up for that with devastating Speed and high Attack.

Generation II: Suicune

Suicune is beautiful. I tend to pick my favorites based on design, with a few exceptions. I love Suicune's ribbon-tails and how they flutter with the wind. She's bulky and is a defense-oriented Pokemon. I like to stack up her defenses and stall out my opponents. :3

Generation III: Gardevoir

My absolute favorite generation that introduced my absolute favorite evolutionary family. My favorite here used to be Absol, but then I experienced the joy that was the Ralts family. Gardevoir is my choice for this generation, as her graceful design and fluttering dress appeals to me. 125 base Sp. Attack was also great for sweeping most of the challenges I faced in the Battle Tower. I love her to death! <3

Generation IV: Gallade

But I love Gallade even more than I do Gardevoir! <3 I could go on and on about how much I love this guy, but that would be too much. XD He's my favorite Pokemon out of all of them, after all. My first sight of him instantly reminded me of Link, and from then on, my Pokemon experience revolves around this one Pokemon. The saddest part was that I've never owned a Pokemon game that allowed me to own a Gallade, so I've been stuck with playing on Pokemon Ruby and getting a male Gardevoir whose nickname was "Gallade"... -_-;

Generation V: Hydreigon

I actually can't pick a favorite for this generation since there are so many that I like (along with many that I severely dislike), but for the sake of this post I just chose one. Dark is my favorite Pokemon type, and Hydreigon has an appealing design as well as powerful stats.


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Mar 6, 2011
gen 1 gengar
I dont now qhy purly for asthtics and concept.
gen 21[/B] Magainum
I always like a challenge and it gives you that bwing more deffencive
gen 3Gardavar
Might seem weird purly asthics and concept it reminds me of lime the ghost storys about the woman waiting at the bridge but dyes becouse of the cold becouse to me it looks sad in most of the sprites.
Gen 4Girhatina
It looks truly menissing and frighting in it orgin form.
gen 5 snive/serpierier
I just love the smug look on its face.


Heart of Steel
Apr 26, 2012
Hoenn, Planet Cray (Pick one)
Gen I:


Gen II:

Lanturn (The electric type and water together is great.) Suicune (Beautiful design, the ribbons look so graceful and remind me of the North Wind that Suicune is the embodiment of)

Gen III:

Swampert (I love this guy. He looks cool, hits heavy, and can pull boats. :D) Kyogre (WATER SPOUT!!!! FULL HP!!!) Gardevoir (Pretty much the same reasons as Eternal up there..)

Gen IV:

Empoleon. (This is my favorite one. HE HAS BLADE WINGS. And an amazing 11 resistances. I fell in love with him at first sight. And he packs a powerful Hydro Pump.)
Glaceon (She's graceful, an Ice type, and an Eeveelution. With sky-high SpA. :D)
Togekiss: (Graceful, cuddly, powerful thing with high HP. Guess who I use for Fly? Mine's even shiny!)

Gen V:

Samurott (SHELL BLADES. IT HAS SHELL SWORDS, PRETTY MUCH. Love that feature. Shell swords.)

Yeah...This is a little incomplete, I like lots more, but these are pretty much the top.
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The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Generation I - Mew
Mew has always been a favorite of mine. For years I admired the cute looks, but the fierce strength Mew had to offer. Although it's a calm and cute Pokémon, it's still pretty powerful. Which is something I adored. Mew's portrayal in the movies were done excellently. I felt an attachment to it almost immediately. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a fandom for Mew anymore, but it will always be my Gen I favorite Pokémon.

Generation II - Entei
Entei takes the cake for Gen II Pokémon. Unlike the other legendary dogs, I felt that Entei gave off a strong, yet heartwarming presence. Catching him in the games, seeing him in the movies, it almost made my mouth drop. I felt honored to have such a powerful Pokémon in my hands.

Generation III - Deoxys
First off, I'm already impressed they had the thought to create a Pokémon made of DNA, and secondly, Deoxys wins Gen III for me. Deoxys is a wise, yet powerful psychic type. The thought of Deoxys being compiled and created of DNA never ceased to amuse me. I was happy to find out his 4 forms; normal, speed, attack, and defense. With those 4 formes, Deoxys could be very hard to beat in battle if forms are used correctly. That being said, I also loved his role in the movie Destiny Deoxys! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Deoxys is definitely my pick for Gen III.

Generation IV - Darkrai
Let me just say that this wasn't an easy choice. Generation IV had some of my favorite Pokémon in it, but only one trumped them all. That Pokémon, was Darkrai. As I've previously stated in a separate thread, I like how Dakrai is perceived as a bad character, but secretly has good intentions. Such as in games like; Shadows of Almia, and Poké Park 2. I love the way it *(he) appears, it's very dark and sinister, which fits (his) characters. Not only that, but (he's) very strong (oh hey.... just like the others....), and doesn't go down without a fight. (His) portrayal in The Rise of Darkrai left me breathless. Although it seemed (he) mean't only to harm in the beginning, but (he) wanted to save everyone in the end. With that said, (he) really inspired me. Darkrai easily takes Gen IV for me.

*(he) is how I see Darkrai's gender, considering it's genderless.

Generation V - Chandelure
OMG, I DIDN'T CHOOSE A LEGENDARY FOR ONCE! Ahem, may I state ahead of time, I really don't care for Generation V Pokémon. I simply choose Chandelure because I felt like it honestly. It's not that great of a Pokémon, but can be difficult to beat if you don't have the right team, or moveset for that matter. Chandelure sort of takes the cake for Gen V.

Yup, those are my faves.
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Dec 21, 2011
Gen I - Mew/Gengar/Charizard
Gen II - Furret/Totodile
Gen III -Absol/Deoxys/Milotic
Gen IV - Darkrai
Gen V - I do not have one.


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Apr 14, 2012
Central Coast, NSW, Australia
This is going to be hard... I'll have to do a top 5. This will exclude Pokemon in Smogon's Uber tier for that generation, and includes a Pokemon that was strong in its relevant generation.

Gen I: 1. Dragonite 2. Starmie 3. Zapdos 4. Cloyster 5. Gengar

Gen II: 1. Blissey 2. Tyranitar 3. Suicune 4. Forretress 5. Skarmory

Gen III: 1. Salemance 2. Swampert 3. Jirachi 4. Milotic 5. Regice

Gen IV: 1. Heatran 2. Hippowdon 3. Lucario 4. Roserade 5. Magnezone

Gen V: 1. Ferrothorn 2. Jellicent 3. Volcarona 4. Terrakion 5. Tornadus

Reasoning for all: In my belief the most competitively viable without being broken.
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Jan 16, 2012
Los Angeles
Gen I:Eevee- I've always liked Eevee for being able to evolve into so many Pokemon and it looks good when there's an army of them in my PC box (the result of breeding for a shiny)
Gen II:Umbreon/Espeon-I'm tied between the two because they both are really good at what they do, Espeon being able to attack quickly and powerfully, and Umbreon being able to last long and endure.
Gen III:Mudkip-Um, because I haven't been able to play RSE that long, I simply liek this due to the amount of entertainment this one gives me on the interwebs
Gen IV:Empoleon- I like Empoleon best out of all of them because it has a high everything, except speed (The reason I hate Crobat) It can last long, hit hard and with it's ability, as a last reserve, I can attempt to Hydro Cannon and either ultimately win or lose miserably
Gen V:Samurott- I like Samurott because it was basically my Empoleon away from Empoleon, and It's slightly higher attack


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Gen I -Primate
Gen II-Feralgagtor
Gen III-aron
Gen 4- that eletric thingy (this is the part were I forget the names)
Gen 5- the fire piggy.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
@Do you mean Shinx/Luxio/Luxray big bro? :3 :lol:

As for me, here's my list of favorite Pokémon in every generation:

Generation I:
-Pikachu: My very first Pokémon and I always have in my team! He's a must for me!
-All Starter Familes: I love their uniqueness and their creative design. They are simply to adorable to forget! :love:
-Mewtwo: One of the most iconic Pokémon in the first generation and one the strongest as well! He's awesome!
-Mew: *Refer to Mewtwo*
-Gengar: One of my Top strongest Pokémon in my teams! I love calling him "Shadow"!
-Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff is adorable! Enough said! :P
-Eevee: It's Eevee! The only Pokémon to evolve into 7 other Pokémon! Enough said! :lol:

Generation II:
-All Starter Families: *Refer to Gen I Starters*
-Raikou: He's an awesome Pokémon and I love to chase him down until I captured him. He's such a beast (pun intended).
-Lugia: Lugia is one of my personal favorite Legendaries! I love using his Aeroblast against my opponents.
-Umbreon/Espeon: They are my top two favorite Eeveelutions! They were awesome in Pokémon Colosseum.

Generation III:
-All Starter Families: *Refer to Gen I starter famillies*
-Metagross: My strongest Pokémon in the Hoenn region! :)
-Jirachi: He's adorable and I love him!
-Deoxys: I love that fact that it came from space! :O
-Kyorge/Groudon/Rayquaza: I love the weather trio with all of my heart! <3

Generation IV:
-All Starter Families: *Refer to Gen I starter families*
-Lucario: My personal favorite in the fourth generation! He's a great Pokémon to have on the team.
-All Legendaries: I love their design and abilities that they have!

Generation V:
-All Stater Families: *Refer to Gen I starter families*
-All Legendaries: *Refer to Gen IV legendaries*

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Jul 21, 2012
Iowa, or Hell. They're both the same thing.
Hmm, uh, let's see... I think I'll split it into categories. < This was copy-pasted from a post I made elsewhere...

Gen 1 non-legendary: Squirtle or Ivysaur, can't decide.

Gen1 legendary: Mewtwo. That movie on his backstory was really great.

Gen2 non-legendary: Aipom. Because having an extra hand is cool.

Gen2 legendary: Ho-oh. Because of his giant fire move in Brawl and Melee, causing AUTHENTIC BATTLE DAMAGE.

Gen3 non-legendary: Absol. He looks cool, especially that thing on his head.

Gen3 legendary: Deoxys. WOOT, mega lasers!

Gen4 Non-legendary: Infernape. Although I did trade him, he was my first pokemon, and I've liked him ever since. And his name was Fire Mario-- *Shot*

Gen4 legendary: Tie between Dialga, Darkrai and Regigigas. Dialga was the first legendary pokemon I caught, and Darkrai was super awesome in the movie. My event Regigigas helped me defeat the Elite Four, which I could NOT DO WITHOUT HIM.

Gen5 non-legendary: Oshawott. SUPER KAWAII-- I mean, uh, he's coo'.

Gen5 Legendary: Kyurem. Because he can morph with Zekrom and Reshiram, AND he looks cool.
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poog tnalp yknuhc
Jul 11, 2012
Gen 1 Charizard, Blastoise, and Pidgeot
Gen 2 Cyndoquil, Celebi, and Crobat
Gen 3 Treeko, Blaziken, and Flygon
Gen 4 Infernape, Floatzel, and Giritina
Gen 5 Snivy, Hydreigon , and Zekrom

Pretty much my top 3 favorite from every generation :)


Master Swordsman
Jan 9, 2012
Gen 1: Pidgeot
I always thought Pidgeot was a beautiful bird.
Gen 2: Aipom
No real reason here.
Gen 3: Salamence
Ever since reading Cornelia Funke's "Dragon Rider", I've been a huge fan of dragons. He seemed to me like he resembled a dragon more than any other pokemon.
Gen 4: Lucario
I just thought Lucario was an epic pokemon after seeing the movie. I used to think he was legendary too.
Gen 5: N/A
I've never played a Gen 5 game.

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