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Favorite Music From Skyward Sword


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
3. File Select/ Music when you get the triforce. SS did a great job with its version of this classic

2. Silly Groose. Self explanatory.

1. Ballad of the Goddess. The harp version. Not when Zelda is playing it, when you learn it from impa
Dec 19, 2011
The Ballad Of The Goddess, so Beautiful! They play it at all the right times, so you feel like a boss after you did something awesome! xD

Also Ghirahim's theme song. I love how he hums it when he dances around Zelda, so arrogant of him. :D

Also I think the Isle of Songs theme is really pretty.

Even if Fi was annoying, I really liked her theme song and cried when she left.

And lastly when you get messages from the goddess, makes it really peaceful when Fi skates around the water.
Dec 19, 2011
The soundtrack to Skyward Sword really just wasn't all that memorable to me. Compares to other games at least. I didn't hate the music by any means (besides Scrapper's theme) but I do not have a favorite.
Dec 19, 2011
my favorite of all zelda games is the ballad of goddess, with fi singing. both the music and fis singing is just perfect in this one
Apr 4, 2012
Fi's Theme, and all its variations, are great. The Koloktos second phase music is also one of my favorites because of how well it reflects the intensity of the battle...it always gets me all worked up! However, my ultimate favorite has to be the Sand Sea theme...so few people have listed it here! It is so relaxing yet kind of melancholic at the same time... The little oboe that plays at the beginning also sounds really mysterious to me. The first time I played SS, that's the one music that caught my attention immediately. It's no wonder that the Sand Sea is my favorite song, area, has my favorite character AND dungeon in it. :D



Apr 8, 2012
Bedfordshire, London
I think with Skyward, the music was intended to be epic, which i think it was, however, it wasn't as catchy as previous Zelda titles. I think if someone hears Saria's song for 20 seconds, it will be in their head for the rest of their life, but I can't see that happening with any of the music in Skyward.

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