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Favorite Monument/Memorial (D.C.)

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
So, whether you've visited a hundred times, or you've only seen pictures in textbooks, I 'd like to know what your favorite monument or memorial is in Washington D.C. is, and why!

I figured this was a unique topic - and I was a bit curious - because I indeed have a favorite memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial.
- I once visited at the perfect time, just when the cherry blossoms were blooming. It was a phenomenal sight, seeing it from across the river.
- It's quite an overwhelming feeling, being in the dome memorial amongst this tall statue, with many of his quotes imprinted on the walls. The overwhelming feeling from the atmosphere of the monument is simply breathtaking.
- It's gorgeous in general. The Jefferson Statue is well-protected, and the lighting within casts light on his quotes. Like I said, the atmosphere is what makes the memorial something to visit every time you go to D.C.

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