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Spoiler Favorite Moments in KId Icarus:Uprising


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Oct 1, 2012
Exactly where you would expect.
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What are your favorite moments in KId Icarus:Uprising? mine are when Dark Pit is created, when Hades suddenly takes over, when Pyrrhon enters, when there is suddenly total chaos when you wake up after 3 years as a ring, and then discover how palutena is being manipulated by the chaos kin. I love the game, and I would like to know what your favorite moments are. I also have two more kid icarus uprising threads called favorite kid icarus uprising characters and kid icarus uprising dialogue.
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Oh wow. When I first played Kid Icarus: Uprising, I never expected it to be so long and exciting.

The first moment that caught me off guard was Hades's appearance after Medusa's defeat. I didn't expect the campaign to continue. Seeing Pyrrhon grow into a giant was definitely exciting as well. Near game's end, Pandora's beautiful amazon form was a much appreciated twist.

Nothing tops the final battle against Hades, however-hands-down the best boss battle in a rail shooter. I never expected to fight him from so angles-face to face, flying by me, running from a rushing Hades, quick time event.

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Sep 9, 2012
Hades' unexpected appearance was up there, and Pyron taking over was thrilling. But the point that MADE the game for me was when Pit was turned into a ring and you got to control Magnus.

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