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Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword



I love every moment of all the Zelda games ever made,...I'm still tackling the Sandship, but many Skyward Sword moments have made me laugh out loud, from the start!,...as you say the expressions are priceless,...today when I left Link sitting for too long recovering hearts, his head drooped & he fell asleep on the stool!,...hehehe! - hilarious, & a nice change to his usual bored "toe-kicking" or "wardrobe adjustment" when I have to stop & think where to send him next. But my overall favourite moment so far has to be when my wild & frantic sword action almost broke my husband's knee-cap,...both our expressions were priceless!!!...(& he's so lucky his knee-cap didn't break my controller!)


When Groose calls it "The Legend of Groose" or his "Groosenator". I really enjoyed facing Demise also. He had a fun boss fight.
Apr 10, 2010
There were a lot of great moments in Skyward Sword. One minor moment that I really enjoyed was the area that takes you outside right after you beat the Lanayru Mining Facility. You strike the Timeshift stone and get in the "escalator" thing. This area was just awesome, and a nice touch they added instead of just taking you straight outside.


Groose responding to the birds
Ghirahim's victory dance
Impa's reaction when you ask if you're late
When Zelda see's granny's bracelet.
Sep 23, 2011
Impa chastizing Link, Groose falling out of the sky, Ghirahim in the Fire Sanctuary, Link travelling through the Gate of Time for the first time, the epic Triforce wish, Ghirahim kidnapping Zelda, and every Ghirahim scene in the finale.

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Apr 11, 2010
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I have so many favorite moments in the game, mostly because each cut scene is really emotional or funny. Let's see...
-The scenes where Link learns the harp songs at the Isle of Songs
-Groose following Link to the surface, totally caught me off guard when I first saw it, and the next scene when he suggests the name "Grooseland", the music gets all distorted and Link looks at him like he's nuts. I was laughing a lot.
-The scenes with the sacred flames
-Giving the Thunder Dragon the fruit from The Tree of Life: a prime example of hammerspace right there
-Pretty much the entire final fight and ending scenes
-The short scenes when Link first enters a dungeon.
-The hall at the end of the Lanayru Mining Facility and the following cut scene in which Zelda escapes and you get the harp.
-Opening the Gate of Time
-The scenes with Levias

-My absolute favorite:
Reuniting with Zelda after passing through the Gate, she explains everything and apologizes, seals herself away.. Just Link running towards her and pounding on the crystal, promising to wake her up, and then his heartbroken expression when he realizes she's all sealed up. Not gonna lie, I cried buckets, hands down the most emotional moment in any game for me.
I'm probably forgetting a bunch, there are just so many good ones.


Dec 16, 2009
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Temple of Time cutscene. It's even funnier if you say 'Am I late?' That was epic. Then there was the one before the final showdown too.

When Zelda was talking to Link after he went through the Gate of Time, his eyes were wide open like he was completley freaked out.

Link's face when Groose was falling to the ground.

Link's reaction when Ghirahim got behind him at Skyview.

Scrapper talking to Mistress Fi and Master Shortpants.

Fighting Bokoblins. I like hunting them down just for fun.

Ghirahim battles. Those are fun too.

Ghirahim's victory dance.

Goddess Sword

Mine's of course Ghirahim's ritual dance. But I must admit that the singing scenes with Fi were good too.
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I enjoyed a few scenes:
A dark one - Demise sucking out Zelda's soul
The Imprisoned exploding
Temple of Time
A Crystal Sealing in the Sealed Temple (if you've seen it, you'll know)
Fi saying goodbye
Ghirahim victory dance
Impa dying


Jan 10, 2011
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My favorite moment is definitely the scene where Zelda revealed who she is and why everything had just happened...then sealed herself. That was the point in the game when I truly realized this game had the most emotional story in Zelda history.


At the very beginning of the game when you land on top of the Godess Statue, and Zelda starts acting... kinda weird, you know? I was like, no way, and so I said "sort of" and then she was all like, "I get to push you off!" Made me laugh so hard I couldn't even land properly the first time. It's great that Nintendo took to time to add that. I also LOVED Gorko's description of the Ilse of the Godess, and I was just thinking, you don't even know!!!


Jul 13, 2008
My absolute favourite scenes were at the end of the game.

1) Demise ( Battle and Dialogue ).

At the end of the game I was very impressed with the final boss. Throughout the whole game I knew the Imprisoned would become Demise, due to spoilers, but I still really wanted to experience it and see it for myself. The whole ending was great from fighting Ghirahims horde while descending down the sealed grounds to the battle with the final form of Ghirahim to when The Imprisoned sucked up Zelda's soul. But when I saw Demise for the first time I basically turned into a giddy little school girl. When I finally got to fight him after he spoke for a moment my attitude was like " Bring it on :cool: ". The fight was great, of course, and it was just a phenomenal ending altogether.

2) Gaining the the Triforce and Sky Keep falling to the Sealed Grounds.

Let me just say that Sky Keep was one of the coolest dungeons I've ever experienced. I loved the theme and the look of the room at the beginning of the dungeon. It felt very mystical and almost freaky. It really made you feel like you were in the presence of a holy power ( Triforce obviously ).
When I found out in the first room that it would be a combination of all the previous dungeons my mind was blown. It actually really remind me of how the final dungeon in Wind Waker had you fight all the previous bosses again. The ability that you could actually rearrange the dungeon rooms with the puzzle in the first room was absolutely amazing! ( Nintendo keeping it real ). When I actually obtained the first piece of Triforce, I flipped out. I found it especially amazing when the dungeon fell to the Sealed Grounds after assembling the full Triforce because when that happened, so much about the game made sense! xD I finally realized that the Sealed Grounds were connected to the Isle of the Goddess ( Which I don't know how I didn't realize that before ). It was just too epic! It was like a bird statue shooting a tiny cannon ball at the lower part of Skyloft Revealing Sky Keep wasn't epic enough. No. The island also had to fall out of the sky.

3) A very sad ending.

The ending of Skyward Sword, in my opinion, is among the most beautiful Zelda moments ever. It was that moment that I felt so many things. I realized how I actually grew very fond of Fi and I did not want her to leave into the sword forever. It touched my heart to hear that Fi was actually experiencing sadness. It was also very sad how Impa had to leave Zelda. I did feel a little bit happier When I reassured myself that Zelda is a reoccurring cycle and Impa will always find Zelda and Link will always find a master Sword. It was still unfortunate to think that after all the time Link spent with Fi and all the time Zelda spent with Impa that they still had to separate.

Other than those amazing moments in the game, I found myself very fond of the moments that included the dragons and those hilarious moments with Groose xD Can't get enough of Groose! The game just has very good cinematics and a lot of great, heartfelt, epic moments.

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