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Favorite Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

Faviorate Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

  • Lizalfos

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  • Big Octo

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  • Stalfos

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  • Poe Sisters

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  • Flare Dancer

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  • White Wolfos

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  • Dark Link

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  • Dead Hand

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  • Iron Knuckle

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  • Dinofolos

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  • Total voters


It's the darkside.
You are correct.

Dark Link is getting my vote. Who else?


Lizalfos I don't even remember
Big Octo was cool but just not cool enough
didn't care for the Stalfos design in OoT
Poe sisters where kinda uneventfull
I really didn't like the Flare dancers
White Wolfos was weak
Dark Link was incredibly cool but was also kind of anoying
Iron Knuckle was great but he was in my least favorite temple
Dinofolos was just a copy of lizalfos

Well I'm going to have to go with Dead Hand in all it's ausomness!
Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
Dark Link is my favorite OOT Miniboss,there's just something cool about fighting an opponent who mirrors your every move.

mamu mamu

i liked the poe sisters, bt they were more like the stage than the mini boss, exept meg


Like most people, I like Dark Link. It was really interesting to battle him, and it took me a while to figure out how exactly to kill him. I also like the room you fight him it.


I really like fighting the Poe Sisters was very nice but Ilike fighting Dark Link too but I decided to vote for the Poe Sisters


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I don't love Dark Link himself as much as other people do, but he was still my favourite mini-boss battle, but not because of him. Rather, it was because of the setting.

When I first played the game, I went into the room he was in and I was confused as all get out. I was inside, yet I was outside. It was a really surreal appearance, especially with the door on the other side of the room just sitting there. It was bizarre, and I became extremely wary of just what was going on. I remember just standing in the doorway at first, afraid to move because I knew something was wrong.

Then I searched out the room, and there was nothing in it. After awhile, I must have hit that correct spot to be to call Dark Link out, and suddenly I was being attacked. The battle itself I didn't find too special, he was fairly easy to defeat, but the whole setting just impressed me. It's one of those very memorable locations in the series.


Waker of the Winds
Apr 4, 2009
Dark Link is the obvious winner.

He was hard, except if you used Din's fire or the hammer, but was still a challenge even then. He was definately the highlight of the temple, but I still say the best part of the Water Temple, is when you take the portal and get the heck out of there :lol:

The setting was awesome and erie at the same time cause you knew something would happen, but you weren't sure what, and how it made it seem like you were outside even though you knew you were inside. Plus, he's is probably the most random mini boss because you weren't expecting a shadow of yourself but something water related. And his moves were cool as well, especially how he can jump on your sword and hit you. I also found him to be harder than Morpha, which really says something about a mini-boss.

All in all, I'd say he's the best mini-boss in OoT and might be the best in the series.

Zelda fan 17

Dark link is the hardest mini boss and the most fun mostley because he is the EMon link.

Sword of Faith

I'd have to say, like most of the people here, that my favourite is Dark Link, The room you fight him in is unique (even if It's pretty easy to find the walls even while the illusion is going), and he is crazy hard to fight. I kept trying to Hookshot him, and he kept dodging. It took me about 15 minutes to beat him with the Master Sword.
Jan 17, 2009
The Universe
Dark Link!
It's the hardest miniboss of all in Oot. (Until I tried the Megaton Hammer)
Took me about 10 minutes to beat him on my first playthrough.
Also Iron Knuckles too.
Their fun! :D
Did I post here before?


Feb 2, 2009
OoT had such awesome minibosses. That is one of the things I will never forget about this game, the minibosses.

But my vote goes to Iron Knuckle. Was that not one of the most epic fights in the game? I also like the concept of Nabooru being brainwashed by Koume and Kotake, I thought that was really interesting.

The fight was also challenging, unlike most of OoT's content. Seriously, that thing hits hard. Harder than most, if not all, regular bosses. It was somewhere around 3-4 hearts taken away in one swing if I remember correctly. There was also a strategy needed to get a hit in effectively. Overall, it was a very fun and challenging miniboss.

goron king

Dark link i dnt know y i just like to fight link but a dark version of him :D

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