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Favorite(least) School Subject

Apr 4, 2012
I've always been really good at math but have never liked it. Last math I took was calculus which I passed with a C because I never did my homework for the class but aced all the tests.
I actually enjoy English the most because I have a pretty cool teacher who talks about worldly things a lot of the time.
Oct 16, 2011
German is just a fun class with all three different teachers I have had. You can make whatever random story you like as long as you correctly use the language. English is annoying because you are expected to continually get better at writing and question answered black&white. The worst teacher I have ever had was in an exploratory French class (6 week course in 7th grade). She gave me an F (otherwise I had A's and B's) and the next year or so she was fired. I actually walked out of her class and into the office and they did not care.
Favourite: Math and art. I like math even though you have to remember things, you use the same formulas for the most part, but I find math a more enjoyable class. Then theres art, I love to draw, paint etc., I don't feel good at it but I still love to do it and hope to get better.

Least: I know lots of people like History, but I just can't handle it(not as in I freak out, but as in I can't seem to remember all the names with their dates).


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Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
My favorite subject in school was always history. I'm not a history buff by any means, but I love dates and knowing what history lies in the world.

My least favorite subject in school was always math. I was always great with numbers until I reached Algebra. And when letters was thrown into the mix, I couldn't comprehend any of it, and then when Geometry came in, forget graphing and such. And since then, I've always hated math, but I'm god with numbers is the funny thing, just not letters lol


Jun 20, 2011
In a tree house.
My best class.....would probably be Biology 1. im really good at know cell types and organisms and such^^....as for my worst....That would be Algebra 1. Gah, i already sucked at math. then when numbers got thrown into it...forget it lol. Im not dumb in that class, but i get confused most of the time.


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Sep 19, 2011
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My favorite subject is definately Psych, low work load, all we do in class is listen to the teacher give lectures and watch videos, and it's an overall easy class; I've gotten As every marking period. Also I'm more into this kind of stuff than I am with any other subject(that isn't saying much though......).

My least favorite is probably math. I'm good at it but that class makes me miserable and I have quizzes or tests almost every week, it can be very stressful sometimes. Also the teacher doesn't always do the best job at teaching and will often put material on the quiz that we never learned. :(
Art can be a drag for me sometimes too since I can never find any inspiration or interest in the subject and I'm just not a very good artist. That whole class feels like constant pointless work to me most of the time.


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
My favorite school subject: A tie between Math/Science/History/Band
My least favorite school subject(s): Spanish. (It's funny because I'm Hispanic! >.< XD)


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Jul 26, 2010
My favorite subject is either Science or English, and my least favorite is Spanish, mainly because it was too easy in middle school so now I'm used to spacing out during Spanish class.


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May 26, 2010
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My most favorite subject ties between: English II and Geometry. In EngII, we don't do ANYTHING. I love my teacher, she's like my older sister more than she is my teacher, we all get along and it's just so much fun EVERY SINGLE DAY. Geometry, I like Geometry. It's pretty easy once you start looking ahead in the book to get a feel on things.

My least favorite subject ties between Health/Aerobics (each is a semester course) and Algebra I. I hate Health/Aerobics, I hate the teacher, it's all so dumb and pointless. Why not give us a real PE class? Why is Health so boring when it LOOKS fun? Throughout the entirety of Health class, the teacher who knew nothing at all what she was "teaching", tried to appear to be smart but always said the wrong things at exactly the wrong times. We skipped Reproduction and sex education, and while I don't think we need them in any way (I'd rather skip them anyway), they had a couple things that dealt with emotions and better relationships as part of being mature...really overall that class was stupid. I got out of it with a B, because the teacher didn't grade on correct answers but instead on grammar, punctuation and HANDWRITING of all things. This is HEALTH class, not ENGLISH class.
As for Aerobics, all we ever do is the same old stuff. It's one week of yoga which is dumb IMO, one week of pilates which is even worse, and one week of cardio which does nothing at all. I hate it all so much, I wish I would've signed up last year for Photojournalism instead (I didn't know that Health ISN'T required -___-).

Algebra I. It's given by the same teacher in Geometry, but the class is so ridiculously easy. It's nothing but graphing for the most part, or some simple "x-7=20" type question. Approximately 1/4th of the class gets the lesson before the teacher even gives it and does the homework, and the rest of the class asks for help on NUMBER ONE, the easiest question all the time, whose answer is in the back of the book and is directly related to Example 1 in the lesson. It doesn't get any better in Algebra II, where on top of being boring, there are actually some lessons that you won't understand (Imaginary # land among one of them).

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