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Favorite/Least Favorite Character

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Jun 11, 2015
I wasn't a fan of Groose, he was definitely placed in the game a comedic relief however his role in the game is too much for such a terrible character in the game. He was never funny, ever. He just shows up to add dialogue to SS which I believe was good but had SO MUCH DIALOGUE. I know he was suppose to be hated at first and "ehh" at the end of the game however I just thought he was unnecessary to the entire game. Now dont get me wrong I dont hate him as a character I am just annoyed at all the stupid stuff you have to do because of him.


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May 5, 2012
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my favorite has to be kafei from majoras mask,and i know the reason is gonna sound really dumb but

least favorite was initially ghirahim,but as time went by...he sorta grew on me
but i'll give this to maggies father from wind waker,not only did i find him super annoying when i was a kid,always running towards me to tell me the same sob story for how many times,but later in the game when he ends up rich,he turns into A COMPLETE ARSE and calls me a street urchin
hi maggie,can you do me a favor and tell your father to die
Jul 15, 2015
Zelda of course! I also love Ganondorf/Ganon! I have a thing for villains (Vaati and Zant are my 3rd and 4th favs), and recently Ghirahim has tied with Ganondorf!

I don't really dislike anyone in Zelda. I get extremely annoyed by the Happy Mask Salesman though...
Aug 5, 2015

Midna - best companion

Ghirahim - best villain

Tetra - best Zelda

Groose - needs no explanation

Ravio - true identity surprised me

Least Favorite:

Tingle - owns slaves, takes all my rupees

Zant - hijacked by Ganon

Ingo - jerk, takes a lot of rupees from beginners

TP Zelda - underdeveloped, not much screen time
Jul 19, 2015
The hat in Minish Cap sucked. Don't remember his name since I played the game a century ago, but I distinctly remember wishing he'd shut the hell up. Ravi was also obnoxious.

Favorite character... hm. Tough one. I'm pretty sure I'll post this and then remember some character I'd forgotten all about. I do, however, like:
- Tingle. He's so bizarre, it's almost endearing. Even if he does enslave people.
- Beetle. I love his awkward "HIIIII"
- The Happy Mask Salesman and Skull Kid. I wouldn't say I like them, necessarily, but they're more intriguing characters than most.
Aug 9, 2015
Favourite would either be Ghirahim, since I think he's the creepiest villain out of all of them or Darunia because of his amazing dance moves. Least favourite would probably have to be Ingo, I just wanted to trample him with Epona so badly.
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Aug 28, 2015
My favorite Zelda character is Ghirihim. Many characters from SS are great (Groose, Zelda), but he takes the cake. I like his flamboyant, cocky personality. He also looks creepy, threatening, and somehow fancy. He is always a joy to talk to, even if I don't like his first fight very much.

Least favorite? Ganondorf. Take your pick really. In Ocarina of Time he is almost never there, in Wind Waker he looks way too goofy and laughs in a way that makes me want to punch the screen, and is shoehorned into Twilight Princess. (Kinda. He is still a great fight and I like his connection to Zant). He just annoys me. He's ugly, boring, typical, and I just dislike him.


Aim for the knee
Nov 21, 2015
Minnesota, USA
My favorite character is Ganondorf. He's a wonderful villain who, for the most part, continues to come back to cause chaos throughout the world. Then again, I tend to like villains in general, especially when they become playable (Ganondorf in Hyrule Warrios is awesome).

My least favorite would have to be Dodoh from Skyward Sword. As a character, he's weird and creepy. Then, he has you play one of the most frustrating mini-games I've seen in a Zelda game. I think it's the game I hate more than the character, but GAAAAAAAH.
Aug 12, 2015
I tend to disagree here. I actually like that game a lot, though I get how it can get frustrating if you're aiming for the heart piece. Great money maker anyway. The character himself is really funny the way he moves around.

My favourite character in the franchise would have to be Midna, who has an awesome design and a great sassy personality. Least favourite is Tingle, who's just... why?


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Jan 31, 2010
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I have to update my list again :P After playing HW (yes I know, a spinoff but who cares) I came to the conclusion that Volga is my most fav character. I just find everything interesting about him and wish he would get a bit more of a backstory somehow in HWL (not going to happen, I know).
Besides that, nothing has changed.
Jan 26, 2016

1. Tingle (He is a savage)
2. Ghirihim (My favorite antagonist in any game I have ever played)
3. Malon/Romani


1. Zelda (TP)
2. Zant
3. Slippy (Starfox 64)
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