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Favorite Generation

Favorite Pokemon Generation?

  • Generation I (Red/Blue/Yellow)

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  • Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

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  • Generation III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

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  • Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

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  • Generation V (Black/White/Black2/White2)

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  • Generation VI (X/Y)

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Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
Frankly Im OBSESSED with generation II and HeartGold and SoulSilver. I remember the Christmas I opened up a box that contained a new gameboy colour and Pokemon Silver. Boy was I overjoyed. Everything about that game was magical evermore so than Gen I that started off everything. I cant recall whether I chose Totodile or Cyndaquil but when I got my first badge in that game I was so happy. I played those games to death until their batteries ran dry :(. However I repaired all of them myself (except for crystal which I still need to fix.) I have all gen II games. Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. Johto rocks!

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Generation 4 for me, specially since in HG offers much besides capturing Pokemon and battling. (It's good to see a Pokemon forum here)


The game is on!
I voted for generation II because Johto is the Pokémon region in which I've spent the most time. One of my absolute favorite Pokémon, Cyndaquil, is also from generation II. Generation V is a good one too though, and I really like how Unova stands alone in a most unique way compared to the other regions.

But since I had to choose only one generation now I chose generation II also partly because Pokémon Crystal was my very first Pokémon game.


Hero of Gorons
Daimond started it all off for me. Even though i beat the elite four about 10 times, it was other things that made the game fun, like the underground, however it's not my favorite. My favorite is Heartgold, not gold. It had so much to do.
But seeing Cynthia in B/W was cool!

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Aug 22, 2011
United States
I think the question should be "Favorite Region".
Either way, I like Gen II the best. Those games were my childhood, and while I started with Gen I, I think the sequels filled in what was missing to make an even greater game.
Jul 25, 2011
In the US
I voted for Generation I since it is the first one I played and I like it better than the other Generations. I think the pokemon are better looking than the other Generations and the story is better.
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Shows over folks!
Oct 27, 2011
id have to say generation 4 , it was my starting point, battling with my chimchar on route 201, ahh good memorys.
Jul 22, 2011
Gen 2 was trash. (By "trash" I mean it's my least favorite Pokemon generation; no generation was short of amazing.)

As for my favorite Gen, it's probably a tie between 3 and 5.


While my fav gen in terms of Pokemon is gen 1, SoulSilver is my favorite pkmn game since it has online, and my two favorite regions in one game. But the pkmn in gen 1 are better imo, so I'll go with that.


My favorite pokemon generation being an old man of twenty two years old will have to be the first generation. Pokemon red was my first taste of monster gaming that I ever had and set me on a course of the life of a gamer extraordinaire that I am today. Also the three starters from first generation have to be my favorite because I am partial to reptile like pokemon and also its the generation with my favorite pokemon Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard.
Oct 26, 2008
Due to the fact that I have no played any of the Gen V games, I can't really include them in my opinion. My opinion may have changed when I do actually come around to buying it though.

Anyway, this is a really tough call between Gen II and Gen IV for me.

Gen II has what is my favourite of all the pokemon plots so far, alongside introducing some of my favourite pokemon too. The entire fact that you can travel to the Kanto region once you have completed the Kanto region was an awesome idea too. However, Gen IV did introduce wi-fi for the first time, allowing us to freely trade and battle with our friends without having to be sat right in front of each other, which has made pokemon such an amazing game for me. Especially as I really enjoy the competitive half of battling. Due to the fact that competitive battling allows you to build and test teams for many reasons, be it that your current team needs to be tweaked a little bit or you want to try and different style of team, it's something that I can be completely absorbed in for months on end. Therefore, my vote currently lies with Gen IV.


Guardian of Courage
Oct 28, 2011
I'm surprised myself that so many people like me have voted Gen 2. I honestly though everyone would choose Gen 3 instead. My friends make arguments saying that's when Pokemon ultimately changed as they introduced abilities, double battles, etc.

Even so, I still like Gen 2. Call me biased, but it was the first pokemon game ever played and grew up with. It was where I got to know the world of pokemon - both Kanto and Johto. My second game was Red version and that was a pretty good game too! Not as much as Gen 2 in my opinion. I think it's simply because of the storyline and the amount of things you can do. You get two regions. When you're done beating the Elite Four, you travel to the top of a mountain and face the Ultimate Trainer. In HG/SS, Nintendo introduced a flashback event that showed the untold story of your rival Silver and how he was Giovanni's son. I absolutely love Gen 2.


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
generation 3.
nuff said.

the pokemon where amazing. the pokemons shiny versions where amazing as well. the region was fun to explore. i cant wait for the remakes, thats even if there are going to be any.


Smallest graphical unit
Nov 16, 2011
Gen II wins hand downs, they have the best backstory imo, they (the games) are simple and the Pokemon,not over stylized;
Although some trainers can be a headache it's a breeze most of the time,and they introduced my favorite Pokemon,Wobbuffet.

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