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Favorite Generation

Favorite Pokemon Generation?

  • Generation I (Red/Blue/Yellow)

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  • Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

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  • Generation III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

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  • Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

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  • Generation V (Black/White/Black2/White2)

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  • Generation VI (X/Y)

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AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
It would have to be Gen II for me: the two region map, the two added types, the Pokegear, and the mythology it added made it something special. :pikalove:


Pokemon Master
Oct 8, 2011
Viridian City/Migrant Fleet
Gen 4 was my favorite. I consider it the first "new" generation that came out while I was a Pokemon fan (playing the games, at least. I watched the anime for a while before I picked up a game). Technically, I came it a Gen 3 due to my first game being LeafGreen. The new Pokemon were great: a lot of originals, plus new Evolutions, which is one of the reasons Generations 3 and 5 are further down my list, and is why 2, 4, and now 6 are higher up: the breathed new life into old creations. The region was on of my favorites, I loved the characters, and anything space themed already has me locked in tight.


Dec 31, 2011
New York
Gen. IV for me. Diamond was my introduction to the series; I may be viewing its generation through nostalgia lenses, but it still is my favorite. The Legendary Pokemon actually seem legendary. What a lot of genwunners and people who just like Gen. I think would never happen again happened for me. When my friend told me about there being a secret legendary you can only get by cheating, I thought he was joking. This is similar to Mew, who could only be obtained by glitching in Gen. I. I didn't have Wi-Fi, so battles had to be fought a mere 24 ft. away. Sure you didn't have to use a cord, but I think it still felt similar. Maybe Pokemon wasn't as popular as it was in Gen. I, but it still felt very special to me. Oh, and I loved HG and SS, Gen. II probably have tied with Gen. IV, but the remakes were so nice :).


This is not the run
Aug 12, 2013
The Lost Woods, MD
I love Gen 1, playing Red/Blue and Yellow on that bulky grey monster :) But, I voted for Gen 2, because even though I was hooked after the first game, they nailed my fandom into permanence with the color. For some reason, the first actual colored game made me so happy to see the world colored the way I wished the original ones had been, it solidified my love for the games. I loved when they remade gold and silver, but I was super sad when they didn't remake crystal, it was such a bummer, I had loved how Suicune had the bigger spotlight within the dogs :)


The Stick
Sep 30, 2013
I voted generation #001 because it's the only one I can still name all of the Pokemon... I still remember the good ol' lunch days in elementary school, playing a "Who's That Pokemon?" variation of 20 Questions.


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
Out of all the generations, mind you that I haven't played X and Y yet, I think that generation II was my favorite. It's probably because Gold was the first Pokemon game that I beat and still my favorite. I really like the assortment of pokemon and the world itself. I have so many memories of building my team in that generation and I just really like it. So yeah, it's mainly nostalgia that's making me say this haha.


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
Ok here's how it went for me...

Gen I - Great, innovative, an awesome new series of games
Gen II - Just improved on Gen I, everything was just better
Gen III - EVEN better, great games, graphics improved insanely, good story, greatness
Gen IV - Perfection. Physical and Special got split up. The battle system was flawless. The story and depth was phenominal. I have to say these games were masterpieces.
Gen V - Well... they weren't bad, but just not quite the achievement of Gen IV, but it wasn't bad! Just like Dark Knight Rises wasn't as good as Dark Knight, ya know?
Gen VI - In my opinion, a disgrace, they sucked, I hated them. I was HARSHLY disappointed. Here are my reasons... I honestly hated what they did with the Exp Share. I had a Fletchinder that I never used in a battle once, cause I was trying to raise my Eevee at the same time, and my Fletchling evolved, and then Fletchinder came and went. I never got attached to my pals, and I know that sounds... strange... but honestly I like getting attached to my team. And I didn't get that feeling, cause I never played with some, and just got sick of the others. I also think they really should've made you able to turn the roller skates off... but that's just a little thing I guess. And also the camera. I think they were WAY too ambitious with the 3D. They should've been smart. It's like they said "Oh we can make 3D, LET'S MAKE IT AS MUCH AS WE CAN!" No, in Gen II, they didn't go all balls to the wall because they could finally use color. No, they stayed logical. The camera was so buggy in X and Y, especially in Lumiose City. It made for overall annoying, difficult, and uncomfortable gameplay. And also... I played the whole game, and I honestly still have no idea what Lysandre wanted to do. I know Pokemon games aren't about the story, but I mean seriously? Team Flare sucked, they showed up like every 2 gyms, but all they did was have like 2 trainers that didn't say anything but "Our clothes are cool" and then run away. And then all the sudden you're saving the world and there's a legendary involved and when did Lysandre get bad, I thought Sycamore liked him, and??? It was all just very poorly executed in my opinion. Also there was a total lack of depth in the cities and characters. Overall, I think they messed up the same way they did with Skyward Sword. They focused SO much on the 3D, and ended up screwing everything else up because of their lack of attention and time spent on it, and then the aspect they SPENT time on ended up being bad anyways. Just make the game without focusing on one little gimmick that would turn out perfect if you just let it happen, instead of making it so... annoying.

So I voted for Gen IV. Cause it was the best
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